released date 1988/2/10

maker enix

compatible model family computer


FC版ドラゴンクエストⅢそして伝説へ プレイ動画part1 旅立ち

It was dragonquest3 that I played dragonquest for the first time. At first the music playing while I am playing in the field is rhythmic and beautiful melody and this game impressed me dragonquest3 is authentic game and is fundamentally different from other games.
I experienced role playing game for the first time to play dragonquest3 that I was astonished there was such a interesting genre game.
Party consists of four character got out from first castle and there is a field expanding on the screen and there is a tower on the island near the castle and there is a cave besides opposite shore. That geographical features made me exciting.
The battles with normal enemies are thrilling and game balance is just right that if player don’t take care of character’s HP, character would die by enemies attack and not easy to defeat enemies.

In first continent, when party go to inner part, enemies strength are level up and party have to grow up and buy weapons and armors and equip them and to do that are exciting.
There is a cave in inner part of continent.
To go into inner of the cave, party have to set a item which is named “mahounotama”,performance is similar to dynamite on the wall in front of party.
After wall was destroyed, party can invade inner of the cave. it is amazing and fascinating that new world will open and spread.
After exploring for several times inner of the cave, there is a water colored swirl in the innermost.
when party step on water colored swirl which is named”tabinotobira”,party can warp to the region far away from this continent and new adventure wait the party. it is also exciting scene too.

After party reached new continent, there is a more wide field and enemies are more stronger and hard to defeat. So player is demanded more thought and ingenuity to go ahead stories.
Player can select where party should go in the field map despite better way is already determined. To select wrong way, more strong enemies are to appear.
Conversation with residents of city are charming and humorous and that make player feel harmonious. To hear messages of residents of city and gather hints of adventure
player can understand what to do next.
Medium boss that named “kandar” make this game interesting. Party have to encounter kandar several times. After party defeated Kandar, Kandar escape anywhere and after story proceeding party encounter kandar again. There are stories which are made elaborately.

Dragonquest3 world map is similar to earth map which is existence. There is a city which is equivalent to japan and to compare fiction and real world is interesting elements.
There are many events in the story. For example, party can find gaiya sword in shrine and throw it into crater of mountain. After that terrain are changed and party can go ahead.
After party reached a cave in front of big mountain and climbed up the cave from first flower and got out the exit, there is a castle where boss character is living in front of player.
After party gathered all orbs, they have to set them in each spot in a shire, after then a bird which is named “ramia” is born and party have to go to the castle to get on ramia.
The music playing while ramia is flying in the field is nostalgic and attractive.
Boss character which is waiting in castle is strong. After player managed to defeat it, player can find a hall which is connect to under world. Once party fallen into the hall, they can find new dark world is there. It is a interesting story.

Dark world have a lot of events, there are strong weapons which player have to find in everywhere in dark world. Strongest sword have to be refined by blacksmith.
To reach island where last boss is there, player have to use a key item and build a bridge.
In great satan castle there is a spot that anybody can not go through to the inner part.
So player have to find hidden stairs behind king chair to go ahead into inner part.
After party went ahead to the inner part, main character’s father ortega was fighting with king hydra by himself and was exhausted in front of main character.
There are three medium bosses in front of great satan and great satan is very strong that player have to use light ball to defeat him.

After party defeated great satan, light dwells on dark world and main character is given roto title, and legend lead to dragonquest1.
Party consists of four people can change their jobs to go dama shire. Playboy can change his job to sage. it is a element of surprise.
How to organize party influence difficulty of the game. Once player reached ending, he can enjoy new adventure to challenge other party.
Incantations that magician can acquire have many types. player can move to other cities to use fly type incantation. there is a mysterious incantation that player cannot expect what would happen. They are elements that make player exciting.