released date 1987/12/22

maker ascii

compatible model family computer



Wizardry is a role playing game that was released by ascii company as family computer. The game soft is remade and on sale by japan game company which was produced by foreign company to use for personal computer.
It is an authentic role playing game which explore dungeons only and party consists of six people but game system is similar to dragonquest very well.
Because battle scenes of dragonquest were made while referring wizardry.
Dragonquest is a famous role playing game that was released by japan game company.
Wizardry don’t have elaborate stories that make player feel attractive but game system have deep elements and particularly parts of death of character was made severely very much.

For example, if character was damaged by enemies and HP reached 0 point and became death status, even if the character is used resuscitation magic by companion or revived in church,
In high percentage death status change ash. The character whose status is ash is enable to revive to use resuscitation magic by companion or in church to death status,
But It have probability that resuscitation magic miss and character’s status change lost status and virtually the character is disappeared.
On the other hand, If party was wiped out, The party is remain death status in dungeon.
Player have to make new character and organize new party and grow up the party until which can explore dungeon and find old party that was wiped out.

After party defeated enemies, there remains a treasure which is trapping, and if party don’t remove the trap, party have probability to be thrown away to random spot by
teleporter trap. Occasionally if party is surrounded by stones, A message “we are surrounded by stones!” appear and party is wiped out and cannot revival.
It have probability that when party companion magician use maroll magic in battle scene, party is thrown away to random spot and surrounded by stones. player have to take care of not occurring that.
This game have age status and if party use cheap inn frequently, age status increase immediately and character’s parameter don’t increase very well and can’t grow up as well as he should.
and easy to be ash status because resuscitation magic is easy to lose.

But still high price inn consume much money in a short period of time, so player have to use inn and recovery magic properly.
Character’s personality separate three patterns that are good, normal, evil. There are professions which can not get unless character’s personality is good. there are professions which can not get unless
character’s personality is evil.
The most strongest profession in this game “ninjya” cannot become unless character’s personality is evil.

It is easy to change job flexibly and once character changed job, character also can use magic which he acquired before.
After party defeated last boss, player can continue playing and a lot of hidden character are prepared. To increase character’s parameter to experience many battles, player can make
his favorite character.
There are a few items such as weapons in store stocks at first, and there are a lot of vacant space in deal scene in store, so player can identify items which party got them in treasure boxes
in battle scene and sell them in store and fill in vacant space in deal scene.

Exploring dungeon to find items is exciting and it makes wizardry attractive.
There are a lot of attacking way rather than other role playing games. Especially, bounce neck attack which ninjya or demon type enemies frequently try to party is
very dangerous and if it hit character, character would die. Besides, level drain attack which gost type monster frequently try to party also very troublesome special attack,
and if it hit character, character lose his experience point and his level goes down.
As stated above, wizardry is more thrilling game to play than dragonquest.
wizardry don’t have elaborate stories such as dragonquest, instead it have flexibility to play and player can select how to play the game.