Dragonball (1)

Introduction of japanese manga

released date 1984/11/20 ~ 1995/6/5

author: akira toriyama

Magazine: weekly magazine jump


DRAGON BALL(1) (ジャンプコミックス) [ 鳥山明 ]
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writing taste

Dragonball is an authentic battle comics which is most popular among weekly magazine jump readers, when weekly magazine jump update latest most sale record. Dragonball is written by Akira toriyama who published comedy comics that is named Dr.srump and gained popularity. He concepts comics which contents is that main character adventure in the world with companions and go ahead to destination while they are battling with enemies, refer to Journey to the west along with short comics which he published in the past. He published the contents on weekly magazine jump after he wrote one story in a week.

Despite dragonball is written refer to Journey to the west, reader can not notice that. Characters all have strong personality each other and each one is fascinating and appearance is characteristic and phycological description is written very finely. and stories have originality. So reader are made to feel exciting that what will happen in the next story. All items that appear in the story have originality each other. For example a item which is called hoipoicapsule is very useful that can strage various type of goods in a capsule. there is dragon rader which main character can search where dragonball is there immediately and spaceship which people can move to destination for a small span and there is a time machine.


In early stage, goku got out of the village in inner of mountain and begin to adventure along with a girl who is named bulma, and their atmosphere is adventurous which is similar to Journey to the west. After that a pig type character who is named oolong appear and became friend. Goku encountered master roshi and bull demon king and Yamucha in the story and goku begin to train with master roshi and plan to participate in battle tournament which is called “tenkaitibudoukai”. After then writing taste changed more aggressive gradually.

turtle house

The battle scene with kririn and piccolo demon king and other opponents were painted very finely and powerful. Main character use special skills such as shooting a energy ball and fright technique and supernatural power and they are unrealistic. But their movement of martial art and their physiques were expressed combination of reality and fantasy very well and it is fascinating for reader.

battle with redribbon army

After master roshi won the battle tournament which goku participated in for the first time, An evil army that is called redribbon army stand up goku and he battled with blue general and a hitman who is called taopaipai and goku was knocked down by taopaipai at first. After that goku climbed up karin tower and In top of the tower there is karin roshi. Goku was training with karin roshi for a while, and fall down on the field and battled with taopaipai again and finally goku defeated taopaipai. After that goku went ahead to headquarters of redribbon army and destroyed army by himself.