slamdunk 1(eng ver)

Introduction of japanese manga

released date :1990/10/1 – 1996/6/17

author: takehiko inoue

Magazine: weekly magazine jump


appearance of hanamiti sakuragi and enrolled high school and joined basketball club

hanamiti sakuragi enrolled high school

slamdunk is a sports comics which deal with basketball and is took place in kanagawa prefectural shohoku high school basketball club. Main character hanamiti sakuragi spent on dairy life as a bad boy until junior high school age. he proposed his favorite girl and rejected as soon as he enrolled high school. And the girl loved a boy who is belong to basketball club, so he disliked basketball at first. But after he are induced to join basketball club by haruko akagi whose appearance is his taste and he tried to join basketball club and play a active part in the club. Hanamiti sakuragi spent on his life with bad boy fellows who were familiar with since junior high school age and he was eye- catching by third grade students and was picked fight by them.

hanamiti sakuragi

kaede rukawa was decided to join Shohoku high school basketball club who played a active part and got a lot of publicity in junior high school age. Haruko akagi loved kaede rukawa so that hanamiti sakuragi was not favor of him very much. One day, there was a fight within bad boys and kaede rukawa abused haruko akagi so hanamiti sakuragi hit kaede rukawa on his face. After then haruko akagi got angry and tried to stop hanamiti sakuragi’s action. hanamiti thought that he was rejected by her and his heart was hurt.

After that hanamiti was decided to compete with takenori akagi who is captain of shohoku high school basketball club by 1 on 1 basketball match. The match started hanamiti keep being pushed by captain akagi at first, while students in the high school gathered gymnasium and watching the match. After then hanamiti got rib of ball from captain akagi and rushed to opponent’s goal and tried to jump and knock the ball an the ring, the ball hit captain akagi’s head instead of ring. After that captain akagi’s hip was naked and watched by audience and captain akagi was shamed.

After that, hanamiti was induced to join judo club by judo club captain aota, while he was lured by haruko’s pictures, he kept refusing until the last moment. After then hanamiti wanted to get in the mood with captain akagi, so he continued polishing basketball and sending him favorite things he seems to be, and he was admitted to join basketball club.

After hanamiti joined basketball club

A few days later hanamiti joined basketball club, ryota miyagi who was absent from basketball club for a while after he got injured fighting with bad boys returned basketball club. At first, ryota miyagi felt annoying to sakuragi bad fellows but the character that hanamiti proposed favorite girls and rejected many times and he want to do for favorite girl as well as he can is similar to ryota miyagi one way or another, so the two guys became familiar with each other.

ryota miyagi

After Ryota miyagi joined basketball club, shohoku high school basketball club’s team power was up and they were decided to compete with ryonan high school in practice game. Ryonan high school basketball team won semifinal in inter high school basketball game kanagawa prefecture qualifying last year and very strong and genius point guard akira sendo who is second grade and very tall center jyun uozumi who’s height is over two meter and three grade played main part in the team. In practice game of both schools, hanamiti sakuragi participate from the middle of the game and kaede rukawa played active part so that the match became equal battle, and in the last time sendo played active part and ryonan surpassed shohoku a little and won the game. After practice game finished, practice for summer last match began. hanamiti sakuragi did basic practice with manager ayako every day.

Appearance of hisashi mitui

One day, when basketball club member was practicing in the gymnasium, bad boy fellows who are three grade target ryota miyagi who returned basketball club and came to fight with basketball club members. There was hisasi mitui who become basketball club main member later. there was also member who were accustomed to fighting and on the other hand basketball club member kaede rukawa and hanamiti sakuragi compete with bad fellows and sakuragi bad fellows also added to fighting. There was brawl which bloods flies, In last time azai teacher come to gymnasium and hisasi mitui’eyes became full of tears and kneeled and begged azai teacher to join basketball club again.

hisasi mitui

Hisashi mitui is excellent player who won man of the match player in junior high school basketball prefecture match and got a lot of publicity and joined shohoku high school basketball club. But he got his foot injured in practice match and takenori akagi who joined basketball club at same time played active part so that he almost give up to achieve the goal. he spent times with bad fellows for a while, and he had bad emotion to ryota miyagi who is expected to play active part in basketball club so that he set up a fight and he made ryota miyagi’s foot injured. he met azai teacher again and cut his hear and after reflecting on the past time and he began to play basketball passionately.