Introduction of japanese manga

released year:1981~1985

magazine: weekly magazine Sunday

author: motoka murakami


musasi’s upbringing

Musasinoken is an authentic kendo comic that is took place in iwate prefecture morioka city. Musasi have a father who won all japan kendo tournament championship twice and he have a mother who won all japan woman kendo tournament championship and he was born between two people on June 3 and 4 hour. Musasi began kendo when he is belong to kindergarten influenced by parents who are excellent kendo player.

start kendo

ranko todoroki

When musasi enrolled kindergarten, he joined kitakami boy kendo club and met ranko t odoroki who is same grade and musasi began to regard ranko as a rival.When musasi was first grade at elementary school, his father who is named eiitirou ntuki participated in all japan kendo tournament championship and won the tournament, but when he did death battle with player kunihiko toudou in final match, he was given fierce morotetuki and got his throat injured and because of them he was dead. His mother kayo natuki remarried yaegasi teacher who is belong to primary school with her.

encounter with syura toudou

Player kunihiko toudou was musasi’s father’s rival and syura toudou is kunihiko’s son and he and musasi are same grade and the two guy battled with each other for the first time when musasi trained tuki because he wanted to revenge kunihiko for his father and went to toudou’s home in nara prefecture alone. In this time, musasi competed with syura toudou for the first time. but musasi lost against him. Since then musasi began to regard syura as a rival. Syura toudou joined yagyu kendo club which is prestigious and belong to nara prefecture and since five grade he played active part as regular player.

kitakami boy kendo club passed all japan boy kendo tournament championship iwate prefecture qualifying and participated in all japan boy kendo tournament championship and musasi competed with syura in individual match and in group match. In group match, kitakami boy kendo club lost against yagyu kendo club. In individual match, musasi won against syura and musasi won tournament too. In all japan boy kendo tournament championship, kensuke hidaka who is from kagosima prefecture and daigo udou who is from kumamoto prefecture appeared as rival.

kendo style of character

musasi versus ranko

Kendo style of musasi is full of spirit and have high physical ability and aggressive, on the other hand syura toudou who is musasi’s rival is always cool and move sword precisely and speed of moving is outstandingly fast. Kensuke hidaka mastered jigenryu kendo style and his play is powerful and sharp by one swing. Daigo udo is excellent jyodan style player. ranko todoroki have good sense about kendo and she is competitive.

musasi became high school student

Musasi’s rival, syura toudou, kensuke hidaka, udou daigo have played active part since junior high school student. musasi enrolled kaiyougakuen high school. In kaiyougakuen high school, iwao ooishi who was familiar with musasi since musasi went to kindergarten and musasi have competed with him by kendo since musasi was very young. He is supervisor of kendo club. Iwao ooishi is a sword man who is longs for eiitirou natuki and won second place in all japan kendo tournament championship.

Musasi spent dormitory life in high school and became familiar with kiyokazu musya who is one year older than musasi. Musya is a man who teach any genre of knowledge and when he play kendo, his personality changed to raging. Musasi had few rival near himself. so he was training by himself in nature and he went to journey to visit any kendo hall in kyusyu. When he is first grade and second grade, he did not participate in tournament match, so he was not so popular in nationwide.

When musasi became three grade and became to participate in tournament match, new rival who’s name is syuniti inui stood up to musasi. he could deal with two sword in a match. Syuniti inui had unhappy past time which he almost thrown away by parents and he is insidious personality. He lived in iwate prefecture at once and met monami komiya who is musasi’s childhood friend and became addict to her by himself but he was not made a partner with her. Syuniti inui have good sense about kendo and as soon as he began kendo, he played active part and visited hyoue hurusawa who is living in isolated island and he became to handle two swords in a match and after he moved to tokyo, he participated in inter high school kendo tournament as tokyo representative.


Musasi’s rival kensuke hidaka and syura toudou and yudou daigo played active part in high school and became famous player in japan. Kensuke hidaka is a captain of satuma high school and main player of group match and he is toudou’s rival in individual match. Syura toudou was belong to hakugou high school kendo club and when he was high school student, he was already very strong player that strong player who is belong to college could not beat him. He can study very well and he aspire to become a doctor. He have been top kendo player since one grade in inter high school kendo tournament championship. Daigo udou who is belong to aso kougyou high school played active part as taisyo and in group match the team won first place in inter high school kendo tournament championship. When musasi natuki became three grade, he passed inter high school kendo tournament championship iwate prefecture qualifying and participated in inter high school kendo tournament championship. In inter high school kendo tournament championship, musasi competed with syuniti inui and kensuke hidaka and syura toudou, and musasi defeated all of them and won the match.

Characteristics and attraction of this contents

authentic and real playing depiction

Musasi no ken is very realistic comic even if kendo athlete read the contents. Setting about inter high school kendo tournament championship and boy kendo club and all japan boy kendo tournament championship are presence in real world and setting about kyusyu region is strong area is same to real world. The one scene that in all japan kendo tournament championship eiitirou natuki was given fierce tuki and damaged his throat and dead is not occurred in real kendo match. Actually as player can plays kendo more better, he can decide tuki more precisely.

Menukiotosimen which syura toudou perform as a special skill is considered to be very difficult skill in real kendo match. In real kendo match, It have high probability to miss so that the special skill almost never seen. but if player have ability to decide the special skill, he surely seems to be strong player.

hundle two sword player match

Settings that player syunniti inui participate in all japan kendo tournament championship and he can handle two sword is actually seems to be very difficult. Player who practiced handling two sword and mastered the skill is rare, and it is difficult to judge the match player handling two sword versus player handling one sword fairly in real kendo match. I feel it is romantic and interesting scene to go to journey to training kendo skill and practice kendo skill by himself in nature.