captaintubasa1 (eng ver)

Introduction of japanese manga

released year 1981 ~ 1988

magazine: weekly magazine jump

auther: youichi takahashi



Captain tubasa is a boy soccer comic which is took place in sizuoka prefecture in nankatu city. Main player tubasa oozora are expected his potential about soccer sense by rovelt hongou who was former professional soccer player and experienced activity in Brazil and tubasa desired to become professional soccer player in the future and instructed by rovelt and grew up. Tubasa’s father is a navigator and was busy with working every day and he rarely went back to home and tubasa spent daily life with his mother. Tubasa has cheerful and positive character and has passion for soccer one times more people and he always hold on soccer ball under foots. Tubasa joined nankatu boy soccer club and he became familiar with ryo isizaki immediately. Ryo isizaki is a defender who always play soccer with full of spirits.

isizaki and tubasa

A few days later, taro misaki who has soccer sense which is comparable to tubasa oozora moved to nankatu primary school and joined soccer club. Tarou misaki spent daily life along with his father who is painting picture every day and they never settled in same place and they are always traveling around all over the world. He is a type of player who usually is given ball by tubasa and assists allies.

And then they was decided to do practice match with syutetu primary school soccer club which is strong and located in the next district. Syutetu team have many excellent players, for example, kisugi and taki and izawa are excellent attacker, and takasugi is good defender, and genzo wakabayasi is genius keeper. The match nankatu versus syutetu is playing while player misaki participate in the match in the middle of the game and finished draw that score is 2 to 2. After that tubasa was induce to go to brazil and promised rovelt to win all japan boy soccer tournament championship which tubasa participate in as player of selection team of nankatu city and decided that if he win the match he surely go to brazil.

Participate in all japan boy soccer tournament championship

In all japan boy soccer tournament championship, nankatu soccer club which is belong to sizuoka prefecture and meiwa football club team which is belong to saitama prefecture are expected to win the tournament. Meiwa foot ball club is a strong team whose supervisor is kirakouzou who is former professional soccer player and team have excellent striker whose name is kojirou hyuuga and play style is strait and powerful and excellent midfielder takesi sawada who is four grade and main attacker and good keeper whose name is ken wakasimazu and he can move quickly as a karate player.

hikaru matuyama and furano eleven

Except for meiwa team and nankatu team, musasi football club which have genius midfielder player misugijyun and hanawa soccer sports club which have excellent twin brothers who can acrobatic play in the sky stood up nankatu team as rival. Nankatu soccer club lost against meiwa football club in qualifying league but won against hanawa soccer sports club and somehow passed qualifying league and advanced to final tournament. In semifinal match meiwa football club competed with furano elementary school team. furano elementary school team have excellent player hikaru matuyama who can manage team very well and he is captain in the center of the team and furano team is good at team play. meiwa football team won against furano elementary school team and advanced to final match.

kojirou hyuuga

In final nankatu soccer team rematches meiwa football team. The match nankatu soccer club versus meiwa football club became death match, but nankatu soccer team won against meiwa football team 4 to 2. and nankatu soccer team won the match. After the tournament finished. tubasa oozora desired to go to brazil. But rovelt hongou asked by himself that is he the existence who can carry on his shoulder about tubasa’s desire or not and went to brazil by himself. Tarou misaki transferred school, and genzo wakabayasi went to west Germany to study soccer.