Sugoiyo masarusan

Introduction of japanese manga

released year: 1995~1997

magazine: weekly magazine jump

author: kyousuke usuta


Sugoiyo masarusan is a comedy comic which is took place in wakame high school sexy command club. sexy command is fiction martial arts which was originated in muromati age in japan and the contents is that player make opponent to be alert doing special pose, after then player attack him immediately. Main character masaru hananakajima picked up a book which contents is sexy command putting on the way by chance and brought it back to the home. He red the contents in his home. after that he decided to begin sexy command. Eight people and some pets joined sexy command club. sexy command club team mate challenge various activity and do slapstick comedy every times.

sexy command club team mate

masaru hananakajima


okometubu fujiyama


Masaru decided to join sexy command club, and then he induced okometubu fujiyama who is masaru’s classmate to join sexy command club along with him. At first glance, okometuzu fujiyama is ordinary people. but he always acted with masaru, so that he was treated as eccentric boy by people around. Besides, macyahiko kondou, tuyosi isobe, gojirou satou, susanfumiko tanaka joined sexy command club. After that moemoe joined sexy command club as a girl member. Masaru usually wear white business underwear and put items which look like circle picking up fallen object by chance on arms. He is also beard mania and looks like eccentric boy.

macyahiko koudou


Macyahiko kondou is moved in sexy command club from karate club and masaru defeated other karate club members so that he joined sexy command club. Macyahiko had strong commitment about masculinity he always be concerned about masculinity. Except for that, he looks like ordinally people in sexy command club members.

tuyosi isobe


Tuyosi isobe is slim physic and desire to become strong body. One day he drunk a formulation that is named “tuyosi special”, after then his body which is originally normal body changed to slim body. He have good athletic nerves and when he was a junior high school student, he joined baseball club and he was ace pitcher and when sexy command club competed with baseball club in baseball match, he played active part as pitter. One day muscle god stayed his body. the other day a align possessed him.

gojirou satou


Gojirou satou is honor student and he can study very much, but he do not have attractive character for girls and he proposed his favorite girl but he was rejected easily. He thought it is because he do not have originality that he is not popular to girls and he consulted with masaru and masaru made gojiro satou’s hair side parted hair change to afro hair. After that he became to have confidence and decided to join sexy command club. he liked it very much. But a incident occurred that his afro hair was torn of by someone during battling with ayasige high school team in sexy command all japan festival.

susanfumiko tanaka


susanfumiko tanaka always hidden his identity putting on a mask which was made of knit. His identity is nobuyuki sakakibara head teacher and He always covered up his grade But the identity was already known expect for masaru. Nobuyuki sakakibara is an excellent sexy command player and played active part in the tournament in past competitions. In wakame high school he is growing up seaweeds and miso and bonito in school yard. He increased budget of department fee and make club member student repeat a year and survive club for convenience.

moemoe(tomoe kitahara)


Moemoe is ordinally girl in appearance and personality and she is idle in sexy command club. she is beard mania and she is careless but cute.

torepan(taturou matuda)


Sexy command club adviser’s nickname is torepan and he is always wearing a training pants. He also have a cool jeans and he want to show off him and pants but he do not have guts and easy to give up. He became sexy command club adviser forcefully because he want to become. He do not have knowledge and always blowing whistle near members. He began running to train body but he gave up running after he run to a few hundred meter ahead and fallen down, He is favor of mariko teacher. but he was paid no attention to by her, He was armature radio club adviser before.



Sexey command club have cute character that’ nickname is meso. When masaru went to mountain, he found it in the cave and because it is cute he decided to bring back it. meso is a creature that looks like a animal costume which have a fastener. the tongue is sometimes broken and the body sometimes expand and fastener is sometimes tighten from inside.

sexy command club activity

Sexy command club compete with baseball club to increase budget of department fee, and participate in sexy command all japan festival.

characteristics and attraction of this contents

Sugoiyomasarusan is a contents that original gag sense of author make reader feel funny and laugh. The stories are expanded to what reader did not expected every times. The characters have deep feature and comical personality each other. Sometimes maniac knowledge was written in contents and reader cant follow them but sugoiyomasarusan is exciting and funny comic for many people.