yuyuhakusyo1(eng ver)

Introduction of japanese manga

released year: 1990 ~1994

magazine: weekly magazine jump

author: yosihiro togasi


view of the world

Yuyuhakusyo separate into , world of human, makai, spirits world. world of human is the world where yusuke and keiko and kuwabara is living in. World of human and makai are usually separated, but sometimes open small hole, and apparitions living in makai invade into world of human and attack human. Makai is filled with miasma all over the world. It is a space where if human entered there, he would be dead by suffocation. There looks like a underground building which overlaps infinitely, and it is half of first basement floor that spirits world can grasp and manage. In deep underground, strong apparition stand up invader. More and more deeper, more strong apparition stand up invader. There is outstandingly strong apparition in them, so barrier is set up there so that such a strong apparition can not invade world of human. In spirits world, there is enma the great on the top who decide destination which human should go haven or hell and protect world of human that apparition can not invade there. If enma the great is busy, enma junior act on his behalf.


main characters

Yuyuhakusyo is a battle comic which have fantastic view of world under the theme of sprits and apparition. Main character of the story is yusuke uramesi who is bad boy and go to junior high school and he was dead when a boy was almost hit by car he got out of road and was hit by car instead. Yusuke’s death was not anticipated in spirit world, so he was decided to do test and passed it and returned this world. After yusuke came back to this world he became detective in spirits world who solve the incident along with botan which apparition who invade world of human and do bad things cause. Yusuke became to act with kazuma kuwabara who have strong inspiration and kurama and hiei who are apparitions who turn into human. Yusuke solved a lot of incidents which apparitions caused in world of human and trained under genkai who is famous physic and defeated evil apparition such as rando, and invited to black martial arts tournament championship which strong fighter in dark world participate in and he got into the battlefield along with five members.

black martial arts tournament championship

karasu versus hiei

In black martial arts tournament championship, winner have reward that whatever he desired to get, his wishes could be granted but loser would die. Players who participate in the tournament were selected a man as guest who were concerned with dark world too deep and became annoying in there. Uramesi team challenged the battle and uramesi team members were consists of yusuke, kuwabara, kurama, hiei,genkai.They are decided to compete with rokuyuukai team, Dr.itigaki team, masyoutukai team uraotogi team, toguro teams. Rokuyuukai team have main members who simply like battle and after fierce battle, uramesi team defeated rokuyuukai team. Dr.itigaki team member were all attached apparatus on their back and brainwashed to kill opponent.

toguro young brother

Uramesi team members defeated dr.itigaki and removed all member’s brainwash. In the match uramesi team versus masyoutukai team uramesi team was dived in the status that they have to battle by only two members. Uraotogi team members dressed up as characters who appear in fairy tale. almost players were actually other apparitions who use dark items. Toguro team members were consists of strong players as karasu, bui, toguro elder brother, toguro younger brother stood up uramesi team members. All members were hard to defeat and especially toguro younger brother can control muscle power and have great physique and he attacked yuusuke by incredible power. Urmesi team defeated toguro team and won the match.