Introduction of japanese manga

released year: 1976 ~ 2016

magazine: weekly magazine jump

author: osamu akimoto


“kotirakatusikakukamearikouenmaehasyussyo” is a gag and variety comics that policemen are main characters in this story who are acting in police station in tokyo.

character introduction

kankiti ryoutu

kankiti ryoutu

Kankiti ryoutu is a middle aged policeman who have vitality and passionate and is cheerful and he is not good at working but he loves playing and hobby. Kankiti ryoutu have strong curiosity and he is active and always behave flashy so that he experience various incidents and events. He also can open his heart to anybody. so he have rich relationship.

daijirou oohara

Boss of kankiti ryoutu is daijirou oohara director and his personality is opposite to kankiti ryoutu and he has integrity and serious character and he is a pain in a neck for kankiti ryoutu.

keiiti nakagawa

keiiti nakagawa

keiiti nakagawa a son of a distinguished family and he is young and single and nice guy who have flesh atmosphere. He is a dexterous person and he can perform various ability in the contents.

reiko akimoto

reiko akimoto

Reiko akimoto is daughter of rich large company and beautiful female police officer who is gentle and spirited. She have similar spec to nakagawa policeman. Her ability have variety and she can cooking and playing piano and shooting and many other things.

youiti terai

terai and tozuka

Youiti terai is a most ordinary person within kameari police station.

hayato honda

hayato honnda

Hayato honda is a policeman who loves bike. He is usually modest and diligent. but once he ride a bike, his personality change to wild.

ai asato

ai asato

Ai asato is a gay police officer who is favor of kankiti ryoutu, he looks like beautiful girl every times. He is former kick boxer and he have strong muscles.

kinji tozuka

Kinji tozuka is a policeman who looks like a gang in appearance and he loves gambling. He does not appear in latter half story.

neruo higurasi

neruo higurasi

Neruo higurasi is usually sleeping in futon. His existence have been forgotten for a while, and he suddenly appear in the story in Olympic season once every four years. Neruo higurasi can use super natural power nobody can use except for higurasi so that he is useful to solve difficult incidents and carry out to various places.

saigou borubo

saigou borubo

Saigou borubo was soldier in U.S.A and he has walked around various battle field for five years. So that he always equip various weapons in whole body. But actually he is very coward man and if he is got rid of all weapons, he become weak.

ryuunosuke sakonji

Ryuunosuke sakonnji loves battle games and he has high skill about battle game.

characteristic and attraction of this contents

Kotirakatusikaku kamearikouenmehassyusyo is very long seller which have two hundred comics and the number is more than other comics outstandingly. Author’s knowledge is very abundant and has humor sense, so every times the stories is deep and attractive stories uphold. The theme of story is concerned with policeman in early days, but gradually the theme of the story shifted to what was trend in those days. For example, the main theme is various new items and new booms and new events rather than policeman. Main characters are all attractive but sub characters who appear each stories also attractive and have deep features. There is a character who woke up from hibernation and begin acting once every four years. There are many other unrealistic characters in the stories.