Introduction of japanese manga

released year: 1998 ~2003

magazine: weekly magazine jump

author: masanori morita


Rookies is a baseball comics which is took place in nikotamagawagakuen high school in tokyo and the story is that bad high school students join baseball club and aim at “kousien” with hot blooded teacher while rehabilitating themselves. Main character kawatou kouiti teacher was trained karate since he was childhood and he is stepped person of karate which he got good result in tournament in the past. He did not experience playing baseball in earnest but he have strong passion about teaching and He hoped children have dream for the future. And he is always studying and gain experience about baseball and teaching students passionately to rehabilitate baseball club.

kawatou kouiti

The bad high school students who gather baseball club together have strong individuality and It’s not straightforward. But kawatou teacher moved students’ heart by passion to face each other thoroughly and made students have a high goal and unite together and tackle baseball. Nikotamagawagakuen head teacher is former high school baseball player and he feared that past glory of baseball club is hurt so that he considered he have to close baseball club. But baseball club team member began to tackle practice earnestly and got good result in practice match so that he began to change his mind. Kawatou teacher is passionate and analog thinking person and he is interested in literature very much and rich in expression but he is not good at computer so he was taught computer skill by female teacher. He is popular with female teacher very much.

kawatou words

Many bad students who joined nikotamagawagakuen baseball club have originally excellent potential to play baseball and one of student played active part in junior high school age as main player and he can throw speed ball. another student can run very fast that even track and field club member can not defeat him. The other student have good baseball sense and strong muscles and besides there is a player who is skillful one times more people and can play any positions and there is a player who can play active part as pinch hitter. They experienced baseball a little until now and all of them are roughing, but they have potential that if they can unite team mate together and concentrate on playing baseball, they can defeat strong teams.

characteristics of opponents

yougadaiiti high school

in yougadaiiti high school practice game

Yougadaiiti high school is a type of school which put effort to baseball club, but supervisor is domineering person and members are bossed around by supervisor and player is always playing feel uncomfortable. And they are complained directly by supervisor if he can not do for himself.

sasazaki high school

sasazaki high school pitcher kawakami

Sasazaki high school is called king sasazaki high school a long time ago and experienced consecutive kosien participation. The team supervisor was assigned former high school baseball player in those days and rebuild baseball club which was hanging low for a while and the team saw signs of resurrection. Sasazaki baseball team have great left hand pitcher who is named kawakami and when he was first grade, he experienced kousien mound and lose the game even if other player was sacrificed by him. Sasazaki baseball team have atmosphere that player can not resist supervisor’s order. Besides, There is strong hitter who can hit homerun if only his bat touch ball. and besides there is a player who can play active part in pinch hitter.

megurokawa high school

Megurokawa high school is a strong team which advance to best 16 in tokyo metropolitan qualifying every year. Megurokawa high school is a type of school which gather bad junior high school student who have excellent potential to play baseball from various regions and great supervisor rehavilise them and finishes up good team. many team members who join baseball club are former bad student and the status of the team is disjointed and uncoordinated and even if each player have excellent potential, they did not get good result in early times. But supervisor teach team play very well, so player awake quality of team play and they unite each other and they become to exploit potential ability.

team revolution

At first captain mikosiba maintained nikotamagawagakuen baseball club team and the number of members was low and there was a crisis to close club. Nikotamagawagakuen high school team occurred incident that team member qrrareled with opponents in the match in the past time and reputations surrounding nikotamagawagakuen high school baseball club team is not so good.

Headteacher considered that he should close baseball club because he hoped not to hurt past glory of the team which have experienced kousien participate and have long history. But kawatou teacher rehabilitate students passionately and he turned the team around to play passionately so he changed his mind. Kawatou teacher did not experience playing baseball in earnest but he studied baseball very well and take care of students and vice principal who experienced playing baseball cooperate with kawatou teacher and he have abundant knowledge and advised kawatou teacher very well. The team members was shut themselves in club room and playing at first but they influenced by kawatou teacher and gradually they became to practice playing baseball passionately,

Nikotamagawagakuen team members practiced playing baseball passionately every day and team became to get good result in practice match and official game. Nikotamagawagakuen baseball team competed with sasazaki high school team and megurokawa high school team which are both strong and the match became equal game and play style of nikotamagawagakuen team members inspired opponent to play passionately. In last summer tournament Nikotamagawagakuen high school baseball team won tokyo metropolitan qualifying and they was decided to participated in kousien.

characteristics and attraction of this contents

Kawatou teacher is a type of teacher to teach students passionately which is not popular in this age. Recently, the type of teacher increase who teach many students at once and teach to use personal computer and document efficiently. Kawatou teacher is opposite to that type of teacher, he always take care of each students and he influenced other people to play passionately and rehabilitate them and have dreams. Author who wrote rookies have great painting skill and he can paint emotional expression finely. reader are draw into the story. Each one character have individuality and alive and opponent team have individuality and backgrounds each other. Reader are given energy and the stories heat reader’s heart.