Introduction of japanese manga

released year: 1999~2003

magazine: weekly magazine jump

author: yumi hotta


encounter with sai

Hikarunogo is a go comics which main character hikaru sindo who likes playing and dislike thinking is concerned with go. One day hikaru visited grandfather’s home and found go board which blood stains remain in inner of storage and he was possessed by ghost. The ghost’s name is sai fujiwara and before he played active part as famous go player in heian age and he possessed syuusaku honninbou and played active part as syuusaku honninnbou in edo age. Sai induced hikaru to have a interest in go.

akira touya versus hikaru sindo

One day hikaru apply akira touya for game in go meeting place. And sai control hikaru’s body and play go and defeated akira touya. Akira touya is a son of kouyou touya who is most famous go master in japan and he have tackled with go since he was childhood and he is a go player who got excellent result and expected for the future. Akira touya competed with hikaru and he was overwhelmed by hikaru in front of him and defeated completely so that he was astonished and after then he become conscious of hikaru. Hikaru was glad to won the game and he became to hope to defeat akira touya by his own ability after he learned go sufficiently. On the other hand, sai began to hope to compete with kouyou touya who is akira touya’s father.

enroll junior high school

Hikaru became junior high school student and joined haze junior high school go club. Akari fujisaki who is hikaru’s childhood friend also joined go club influenced by hikaru.Haze junior high school go club did activity with small number of people and senior captain tutui manages go club. In the other members there is tetuo kaga who is good at playing syougi and he also can play go and there is yuuki mitani who is playing go in go meeting place. there is also masako kaneko who is spirited girl.

Hase junior high school go club team participated in junior high school go tournament and advanced to final match and competed with kaiou junior high school go club team.At that time, Akira touya joined kaiou junior high school go club and hoped to compete with hikaru. The match hikaru sindou versus akira touya realized actually, But akira could not receive good response that received when he competed with hikaru before so that akra touya was disappointed, after that akira touya decided to aim at professional player.

sai uproar

After hikaru began to play internet go, sai desired to play internet go and he registered his name “sai” into internet and began to search strong opponents and find them and compete with them. After that the existence was began to be widely known in internet. Go player who have confidence to play go desire to compete with sai. In the members who competed with sai there is waya who is go apprentice. Akira touya also knew a rumor of sai and applied sai to compete with him. Akira touya was decided to compete with sai and when he was playing go with sai, he received same response to which he responded when he was playing go with hikaru.

hikaru become go apprentice

Hikaru decided to become professional go player and went to take a test to become go apprentice. In test hikaru was demanded to submit a record of game of go and hikaru submitted a record of game of go which recorded when he competed with three go club members at the same time. After that hikaru competed with interviewer who is professional go player as confirmation test. After hikaru passed test to become go apprentice and he declared he is akira touya’s rival, he was looked down on by apprentice fellows and at first he had hard time to climb to the top. But hikaru was playing go passionately every times so that gradually he began to be paid attention to by apprentice fellows.

akira touya versus hikaru sindou

After hikaru climbed first class, he participated in wakazisi tournament, he lost at first match. But hikaru could appeal his ability to other apprentice members. Hikaru aim at passing professional test and began to go to go meeting place along with apprentice fellows and there was suyong who came from korea and hikaru competed with him together. After hikaru won against suyong by small margin, Last stage of league match in which professional candidate are decided was opened, apprentice fellow oti who was instructed by akira touya stood up hikaru and hikaru won against oti and he was decided to became professional player. Akira touya began to be conscious about hikaru’s ability after then.

After hikaru become a professional

New first grade series in which rookie compete with professional powerful person was opened , and hikaru and kouyou touya were selected as player and competed with each other. Sai hoped to compete with kouyou touya, but he feared that if he showed ability too much , he would be suspected by people around. The showdown was decided to realize on the condition that sai add a lot of handicap to kouyou touya.

kouyou touya versus sai

In this match kouyou touya won against sai, but kouyou touya saw through sai’s ability and he made sai promise to compete with kouyou touya on the condition that sai add no handicap to kouyou touya. The first match of official game hikaru was decided to compete with akira touyou, kouyou touya was not feel well so that akira touyou was decided to nursing kouyou touya. The showdown with akira touya was postponed and the match sai versus kouyou touya was realized. the match sai versus kouyou touya attract go player all aver the world and the match became offensive and defensive and in the last time sai defeated akira touyou. Hikaru noticed later that there was a possibility that sai lost against kouyou touya because kouyou touya turned out to miss subtly in the match when hikaru reviewed the record of the game. Hikaru grew up his ability after he saw the match sai versus kouyou touya and on the other hand sai recognized that he completed his role and disappeared something as alone.

after sai disappeared

Hikaru got out to outdoor and walked around to the area where sai appeared at first and ruins of syuusaku honninbou’s house to find sai, but hikaru could not find sai. Hikaru was depressed in his house to consider that it was due to hikaru that sai disappeared. Isumi visited hikaru’s home and induce hikaru to resume go while the two people was playing go each other. Hikaru regained delight against go while hikaru was playing go with isumi, he thought better that he keep playing go by himself.


Hikaru was decided to compete with akira touya and when akira touya was playing go with hikaru,akira touya recognized there is sai in hikaru. After a while, A league match which is called hokutohai that japan and china and korea participate in and three professional go players under eighteen belong to each countries was opened. as representations from japan, akiratouya, hikarusindou, kiyoharuyasiro who is belong to kansai go institution was selected. Japan lost against korea and china and became the bottom rank, third place.

characteristics and attraction of this contents

Hikarunogo have interesting stories and even if reader do not know go, he can enjoy the atmosphere. Picture is painted very well and the content is easy to read. At first, sai control Hikaru’s body and sai defeat opponent, but gradually hikaru grew up his ability and he began to challenge match with opponent by his own ability. Reader can feel hikaru’s heart grew up.