Introduction of japanese manga

released year: 1983 ~ 1988

magazine: weekly magazine jump

author: buronson


Hokutonoken is a battle comics which is painted that there was unclear war in 199x year all over the world and various lands were destroyed and after desolation national orders such as money and infrastructure disappeared and violence governed all over the world. In that status main character kensirou perform “hokutosinken” which is a type of martial arts succeed to from ancient times and suppress mobs and defeat opponents who perform “nantoseiken” and aim at power and attack kensirou and he was regaining peace to the world.


Main character kensirou have three in row brothers and elder brother raou, second brother toki, three older brother jyagi were training in same gate and competed with each other as “hokutosinken” which is a type of martial arts successor candidate. Elder brother raou have strong desire for power and have ability to have power. He is a type of person to hold opponent by power and make surrounding people follow him. He have ability to succeed to “hokutosinken”,but kensirou is more eligible in personality than raou so that he was not selected to succeed to “hokutosinken”.


Second brother toki have ability as well as raou and toki is soft type kenpou artist on the other hand raou is power type kenpo artist. He have gentle heart and when kensirou was training in the waterfall in his childhood and he got out of balance and about to get hurt, he covered kensirou and helped him, After he was not selected to succeed to “hokutosinken”, He had role to cure sick person and help unfavorable people. He have symptom that his body is getting weaker after he was exposed to radioactivity. Three older brother jyagi is a type of person who try to defeat opponents by any means and his ability to fight is far from two older brothers and he was removed to “hokutosinken” successor candidate in early times. he became to be looked down on by kensirou who gained ability. After kensirou became “hokutosinken” successor, he became to resent kensirou and plan to revenge kensirou.



At first kensirou went ahead to sin who took away yuria and he is living in southern cross city . he defeated heart who is sin’s subordinate and very strong on the way to southern cross and challenged the battle with sin and defeated him. But yuria who was in sin’s room was actually a doll and he was told by sin that yuria was already dead. After kensirou defeated sin, he met bat who is a boy and rin who is a girl and rei who is “nantoseiken” kenpou artist who perform “nantosuicyouken”. Rei was took sister away by someone and he was searching a man who have seven wounds to revenge him. Kensirou told him that he is the man, but rei perceived kensirou was not concerned with it and he did not attack kensirou, instead rei cooperated with kensirou and defeated kiba party together who attacked rei and kensirou.


After kensirou defeated kiba party, he went ahead to defeat jackal who was rogue and he was working bag thing. Jackal’s subordinate fox attacked kensirou and performed “cyoutoutihaiken”, kensirou dodged the skill very well and performed “hokutosinken” and he defeated fox. after that jackal run away, so kensirou followed him. Jackal summoned devil reverse who was shut in prizon and he stood up kensirou. Devil reverse is a big man whose height is perhaps over ten meter and very strong to perform rakanniouken but kensirou defeated him.

devil reverse

At same time jyagi wounded seven parts of his breast and he pretend to kensirou and brought with subordinate and ramped around in the city. Jyagi planed to revenge kensirou to damage reputation. After that kensirou appeared in front of him and battled with each other. jyagi equipped weapons and he was putting on helmet but kensirou have ability more than jyagi overwhelmingly so that kensirou defeated jyagi easily. jyagi told kensirou that two old brothers was waiting him and jyagi was performed “hokutosinken” mystery by kensirou and defeated.


In other place, a man who pretend to toki, while he called that study of secret hole of “hokutosinken”, he poked human body with his finger for fun and damaged the human.
The man who pretend to toki called himself genius and found new secret hole and tried it to other people. The man met real toki before and he was look down on by him, Since then the man resent toki and pretend to toki and acted to damage reputation of toki. His name is amiba and he was one of “nantoseiken” kenpou artist. He can learn kenpou quickly but he dislike effort so that he became poor dexterity whatever kenpou he learn. He had pride one times more people, and he had expect to win against kensirou, but he was defeated by kensirou easily.


“nantosuicyouken” kenpou artist rei was familiar with kensirou and went ahead to revenge one of “nantoseiken” kenpou artist yuda. Yuda have narcissist personality and he have confidence about his beautiful body and face and he considered he is the most beautiful man all over the world. He put aside many beautiful girls and made them serve him and he made beautiful girls say that yuda is most beautiful man. Rei met raou and he was poked his secret hole by “hokutosinken” and he became to suffering from symptoms that severe pains run in his body before he battle with yuda. He was made to the status that his days are numbered. Rei was poked secret hole by kensirou to become the status that he can battle with yuda and he challenged battle with yuda. Yuda used strategy that he broke a lever of weir of ponds near there and made the status of city full of water and made rei not to perform “nantosuicyouken”, but rei caught yuda’s off guard and performed “nantosuicyouken. Yuda was fascinated by his beautiful skill and yuda appreciated rei last time and he was dead.


After rei defeated yuda, because he did not want to be watched unsightly figure by fellows, so he went to room where nobody is there and he was dead by himself. After that kensirou met “nantoseiken” kenpo artist syuu and battled with him and talked with him. After that kensirou went ahead to emperor sauzer who insist that he can not be damaged by “hokutosinken” but kensirou defeated sauzer. sauzer had a feature that the position of his heart in his body is left and right opposite. After that kensirou went ahead to meet toki who was locked in kasendra. Toki was taken fallout and he was about to die. he was a soft type kenpou artist and he has ability as well as raou. In the last match kensirou was decided to battle with raou, before that toki challenged battle with raou, but he was defeated by raou. Kensirou acquired “hokutosinken” mystery “musoutensei” and challenged battle with raou and defeated him and helped yuria.

characteristic and attraction of contents

The attraction of hokutonoken is that battle scene is painted finely and powerful and realistic and fresh. The scene that opponent was poked secret hole and a few second later his body exploded and he was dead immediately impress reader grotesque. Kensiro defeat opponent freshly to perform “hokutosinken” vividly in last time however strong opponent is . The opponent who appear in hokutonoken have features which looks like really bad guy and reader emphasize kensirou and reader want to watch bad guy is defeated by kensirou flashy. Opponents have individuality each other and there is a man who have a body which like a rubber so that he is not damaged by hokutosinken and there is a man who equip weapon and attack kensirou and there is a man who is narcissist and strong conceit.

There is “nantoseiken” which is rival to “hokutosinken”. “hokutosinken” destroy opponent’s body from inside, on the other hand “nantoseiken” chop opponents body sharply from outside. Six kenpou artist who administer each nanto six star stand up kensirou. The opponents who are poked secret hole roar with interesting words “abesi” or “tawaba” before they are dead. This words have originality and comical expression so that is easy to remain reader’s memory.