ki exercise note

館長稽古【自宅稽古動画】#1 立禅

Rituzen is most important training method in taikiken and it is necessary to develop ki all the body. Performer bend his knee a little and his foot width align his shoulder and performer make both arms put forward and make a circle such as his hold big tree by his hands and image He release ki from fingertip of his both hands and he make fingertip face to face. Performer image ki gather into tanden from his palms. tanden is wide circular area under the navel and above the crotch. Performer place a load on his thighs muscle.
Performer make your sole bite the dust. Performer keep his body stable and stay stationary.

Performer make his face loosen and relaxed. Performer open the eyebrows and raise the corner of the mouth. Breath method which is used when performer do rituzen exercise is reverse abdominal breathing. To exercise rituzen every day, performer’s thighs muscle develop and nerve develop and a sense of balance also develop and performer become to be able to run and walk easily and smoothly. Performer’s legs and waist change strong and he become to move comfortable for long times. ki flows into whole body so that the voice goes well and rituzen have a effect to train A-10 nerves and grow up judgement and he get smarter. Performer who usually do not have custom to move body are expected to feel tight. At first he must adjust load according to your leg strength and you start rituzen from 30 seconds. To exercise rituen every day, performer become to be able to continue rituzen for long time. Leg sensation getting more comfortable. you become to be able to set a goal to continue more long time.