ki exercise note

Everyone can begin suwaisyou easily. Suwaisyou is most fundamental movement in ki exercise, to continue doing swaisyou, he can develop sense of ki.

suwaisyou shake vertically

気功・矢山式 - 小周天気功法の実践.(小周天気功法04)

Performer bend knees a little and make foot width align shoulder width and make both arm put forward smoothly in circle movement and when his both arms reach directly in front,
turn his arm half a turn to backward with centrifugal force like a pendulum and when his both arm can not move to backward more, turn your arm half a turn to forward with centrifugal force like a pendulum. Performer repeat this movement for a certain period of time.

Performer move his both arm smoothly as well as he can, and make his scapula move well, and image he gather ki into his tanden. Tanden is wide circuy area under the navel and above the crotch. To move both arms to same rhythm and slowly, gradually performer become more relax and more feel fine . Suwaisyou have a effect to make him feel refreshed and have a effect as a talisman. Performer should spend time to do this movement more than for five minutes.

suwaisyou shake to the side


After performer did suwaisyou which shake his arms vertically, performer do suwaisyou which shake his arms to the side. This exercise make performer’s waist extend and be given stimulus, so that it is useful to improve back pain.