Introduction of Taikiken 1

ki exercise note

Origin of taikiken

Taiseiken is a martial arts originated in china and it is belong to naikaken and it is descended from keiiken and keniti sawai who is japanese succeed to taiseiken from master oh and keniti sawai originate new kenpou from taiseiken and he named that taikiken.

Flow to taikiken was born

keniti sawai met master usou oh when he lived in china before world warⅡ. He had difficulty to become disciple of usou oh and at first he was only allowed to initiate oh’s movement. But still keniti sawai who is well verse in martial arts such as kendo fought with oh directly so that sawai desire oh to appreciate his ability, but he can not stand his teeth thoroughly. After that keniti sawai lost confidence and he decided to continue performing rituzen every days and gradually he became to grasp china martial arts. after that he mastered taiseiken and he originated taikiken as his own.

About naikaken

Naikaken is a type of ki training style which put weight on inner ki exercise, at first performer train mental to perform zen exercise and shift to train movement. Gaikaken is a power type ki training style, on the other hand naikaken is a soft type ki training style and naikaken have much time to train mental so that to master naikaken in very difficult.

characteristic of taikiken

1.Do not recede from opponents attack. taikiken do not have a type of technique that challenge far from opponents and while opponents attack you, you get into opponent’s body.

2.One side of hand have to be used to defense and the defense must be perfect.

3.Taikiken do not have movement to check opponent. Taikiken’s secret is that you move naturally and instantly to opponent’s movement and it is not move thinking, but you have to do offence and defense unconsciously and instantly.

4.develop ki

Every one have ki in their body and to master martial arts, you must train ki. You have to be able to release ki from your body to fight with opponents. The best way to be able to release ki from your body while you are fighting with opponent is to continue doing rituzen which is a type of taikiken training method. Rituzen is a type of zen which you perform standing. To do rituzen, your nerve become calm down and nerve was developed and you can train your breathing. While you are doing rituzen, even if you have a lot of thoughts and your hands and waist get hurt and you stuck with your pain but you should continue doing rituzen for a long year, so that you become to do rituzen more clearly. and you can develop ki naturally. Martial artist who can release ki from his body looks like he stand silently to opponent when he compete with opponent, But when opponent advance to attack and touch him the moment ki is demonstrate.

5.Taikiken have form but taikiken do not have form

Taikiken do not have fixed form. Performer had better usually continue doing rituzen and hai so that performer’s hand and body react to opponent’s attack naturally. Performer do not have to decide form, Performer should acquire his movement that match his body. If performer become to be able to do that, finally you become martial artist of naikaken and that is why taikiken is called as tangible and intangible martial arts. earth human and movement of body

In taikiken all parts of body have to be separated. hands have their role and legs have their role so that performer have to train each parts to function, Taikiken do not have fixed form so that it do not have right form and left form. hand works as tactile and waist have a role to stabilize body that is called earth. In taikiken performer have to drop his waist but it is easy to do that because his waist is well trained soft. performer must not spread his foot width.

All of hand movement have offence and defense in taikiken. hand sometimes works as a sword and works of hand are called mukaete and haraite skill. Mukaete is a skill to receive opponent’s fist with inner arms and on the other hand haraite is a skill to throw off opponent’s attack with outer arms. Hand which function as tactile decide naturally that which with inner hand performer receive fist or with outer hand performer throw off fist when opponent attack him. That do not judge that by thinking, but hands that work as tactile response to opponent’s attack rapidly.

Besides if right hand is up or down, on the other hand left hand also have to be soede.
Soede is called attached hand that is used to receive the fist instead when the other hand can not receive the fist that opponent attack him. Performer have to response all the body to use hand that function as a tactile. If his hand is down, on the other hand his waist also down too. If his hands advance, on the other hand his waist advance along with hands too.
Thus movement of body follow movement of hands, so that the movement of hands become double. Performer have to train hand to function as tactile to master taikiken. in nature

Performer had better to train taikiken in outdoor. Especially he had better train in early morning in which big tree is there. If performer train in which surrounded by nature, he can gain a lot of experience from nature.