kendou ha menippon! first chapter before half

books concerned with kendo

author: masao komorizono

publisher: physical education and sports company

target people who are recommended to read

sword man who desire to master neat and orthodox kendo


This book explain the way of thinking that acquire orthodox kendo which fits the sword.


first volume: theoretical considerations of kendo

first chapter: meaning of kendo

how to grasp kendo

Kendo is grasped as teaching materials which master have way of life itself. In short, education is considered that human makes human, human is made by human. In other words, education is grant of values or inspiration of personality by master. Master and disciple are both same position who train seeking the way. Depending on the this way of thinking, master and disciple build relationship and expected human formation of disciple by what master’s personality influence him. what master’s personality influence him should have strict personality which master have. In this way, teaching kendo along the main road is desired.

Disciple have to find significance as traditional culture of originally kendo in the way of thinking that road to polish his personality to train his mind and body. It is skill that is means in process to master posture and attitude of his own. There are a lot of themes that have to be considered to seeking kendo not only skills. For example, courtesy to the opponent and to himself and the way of thinking about posture which is never seen in sports and the contents and exchanging of mind and how mind should be, swordsmanship,
zansin, moreover, attitude to train, etc. Kendo have aim not only to pursue win the match but also to train mind. Kendo practitioner is also successor to japan traditional exercise culture and also have position who tell on kendo to the future.

how to learn kendo

Beginner have to find good master and learn reason from good master. Teaching of master is road to master technique and even if form that master express is easy but there is deep truth. Disciple do not forget that the skill which master perform have reasons for itself. Teaching of master is road to master technique and disciple have to find answer. Aim to train kendo is learning himself and his attitude have to be pointed out his problems by master and be given task. Sword man have to listen given task obediently and do effort and make situation where he can be pointed out his problems.

Aim that we train kendo and how training kendo should be

Aim to train kendo is training raw of sword. and effect that is accumulated processing training raw of sword lead to road to formulation personality. Attitude to train raw of sword must be involved with raw of sword. Technical task of kendo is ultimately how to use sword.
To use sword correctly, sword can go through the right pass and expected to swing sword correctly.

When disciple train kendo, he should hear obediently what master teach him. In next, disciple practice what master taught him and think and ingenuity and work his mind
and deepen understanding and advance master level and accumulate practice and make it his own. Training kendo is to continue fundamental practice and accumulate that. fundamental in this meaning is that not only fundamental movement but also fundamental interpersonal skill for the way of performing skill. Fundamental training for kendo do not have graduate.