kendou ha menippon! first chapter after half

books concerned with kendo

author: masao komorizono

publisher: physical education and sports company

target people who are recommended to read

sword man who desire to master neat and orthodox kendo


This book explain the way of thinking that acquire orthodox kendo which fits the sword.


volume 1: theoretical considerations of kendo

first chapter: meaning of kendo

how practice kendo should be

meaning of kendo

  • continue practice to improve skill.
  • train to work his mind and body.
  • train his mind and body to continue regular and strict practice.
  • get used to his body and train.
  • plan to progress and improve.
  • master academic and arts.
  • cultivate his character.

In short, training kendo have meaning of practical activity which aim to develop mind and body and improve skills to learn teaching of ancestors and cultivate character. sword man have to have attainment target. Sword man can not acquire width and depth of kendo to train to rely on only his having ability. Sword man can not separate from his own characteristics in life. Training kendo have meanings to improve sword man’s immaturity and reinforce his powerless. It is important for sword man to seek opponent’s strong point every time and study and devise to rout opponent’s strong point and hit him.

Sword man have to practice kendo to withdraw his performance to meet reason which superior player have so that he come to have reason which superior player have. Moreover sword man can experience reason which superior player have to be hit by superior player. It have meaning to apply superior player for practice. It is important for sword man to penetrate his belief not to break aim and will even if he was hit by opponent in the training not to break direction of kendo.

It is important for sword man to perform skill in full of vitality and physical strength as well as he can. If sword man’s “ki” is alive, his body also alive. Sword man’s “ki” and body are alive so that he can perform skill on a momently battle condition because of inspiration which come from result of training. It is important for sword man to consider the process toward result why he was hit by opponent in that situation, and why he could hit opponent in another situation, and to check how was the situation when he was hit or he hit opponent. This become next task to practice.

about ki

“ki” which is martial arts word are used to express status of human is not certain form but it is expressed in Japanese “ki wo ukagau” that mean “see the situation” in behavior. On the other hand, it is expressed in Japanese “ke(ki)hai” that mean sign of atmosphere. Samurai who mastered ki can notice sign of atmosphere directly to meet opponent. If opponent have intent to kill, the atmosphere of intent to kill is somehow transmitted to samurai, and this atmosphere of intent to kill is called ki.

“kouzen no ki”is difficult to express in word, but it is the most biggest and the most strongest and most justice so that if performer develop “kouzen no ki” very well,
it become to fill top and bottom and it exists because of justice and humanitarian.
Mind is considered consciousness in inner of human or discretion and judgement.

Ki exist in the middle of mind and skill and it is considered to be determining power of will that is demonstrated as skill when sword man judged in his mind, it is important for sword man to capture chance to win the match, the chance is the tip point that sign changing of momentum and key point changing time and space. Sword man who is trained ki also called he is trained tripe and it is said that sword man who is trained ki is also good at capture the chance. To exchange ki each other begin when sword man compete with opponent in fair and square. thus sword man’s ki collide with opponents’ ki directly and after then sword man seek gap of opponent’s ki or collapse of opponent’s ki and demonstrate his skill is main road to practice.

kendo skill

Kendo skill also have a lot of works in them even if it is simple strike as one swing by bamboo sword phenomenally. It can be regard as skill which include how to attack and how to capture the chance and strike and how to read flows of the match each other and see cohesive whole movement. The skills are performed when sword man respond to opponent’s attack in the situation he surpass ki to opponent, even if opponent attack him first.

Color that is called in kendo word mean turning sign of atmosphere and will and in other word it have opportunity. Training kendo must not have “terai” and “kerenmi”.”terai” means the feeling to boast his skill.”keren” means to break legal and act as if ordinally people like him, in other words cheating himself. Sword man have to master the way of thinking kendo skill and principle of movement of body and bamboo sword along with kendo skill. The principle of movement of body and bamboo sword is
fundamental in kendo skill.


Courtesy is a rule which human have to obey to keep order of sociality when human meet with each other. Generally courtesy express mind which people accept existence and position of companion as form. But fundamental is not form but mind. Courtesy in kendo is not only for opponent, but also sword man himself. To perform courtesy form precisely, sword man can suppress his inner emotion and hold it in mind. To perform courtesy and control emotion lead the way of existence and the way of life as human. Courtesy is fundamental not only etiquette to opponent but also to rein and keep social order, so that it is necessary for humanitarian and also for foundation of life.