kendou ha menippon! second chapter (1)

books concerned with kendo

author: masao komorizono

publisher: physical education and sports company

target people who are recommended to read

sword man who desire to master neat and orthodox kendo


This book explain the way of thinking that acquire orthodox kendo which fits the sword.

second chapter: the art

develop technique

The point of develop technique is to strike opponent with correct blade muscle and to strike opponent at the risk of his life. In short, to strike opponent with correct blade muscle, it is important to acquire how to handle the inner face of hands. Moreover, preparing of body and correct blade muscle and set up strike smoothly and stance that is premise of them is important. After sword man strike opponent, he have to do process that is called determining technique and correcting technique. The starting point of striking at the risk of his life is matching mind and ki and power in fighting with opponent.


Posture is foundation of stance which sword man is in this status naturally and it have to be stable and harmonious and not to be biased his power in any parts of his body and have persistence which can handle properly and freely to opponent’s any movement. Posture is considered to be foundation of training kendo which is concerned with general task about techniques and mind in his inside. Ideal posture in kendo is expressed as immovable posture. Immovable means not to be upset against any other stimulations.


Stance have to not to be upset against any other stimulations and stance of castle and stance of team have to not to be upset against opponent’s attack. It is expressed as attitude of mind with which sword man cope with opponent’s attack not to be upset and calmly. Water change form every vessel. Stance also do not have form basically and change every opponent’s movement.

Stance have to be strict which do not have gaps not to be violate by others. Stance consists of “kigamae” which do not have form and “migamae” which have form and “kigamae” which is a stance that come from ki and mind fighting with opponent and if sword man have them sufficiently, “migamae” which is special form in appearance is not necessary demanded. All sword man have to do is to maintain preparation so that he change his movement properly whenever his ki and mind order.

It is foundation of kendo which have fulfilling stance fighting with opponent. and fulfilling stance is called that matching ki and mind and power fighting with opponent. Moreover how to breakthrough equilibrium is called capturing race. The progress until strike opponent have to be performed properly and premise of that sword man have to set up strike smoothly and properly. For that reason, stance is the starting point of that.

Fundamental stance of kendo have five types which are called”jyoudan””cyuudan””gedan””hassou””wakigamae”.They are derive from Ying Yang Five Elements Theory which is originated in china and express movement phenomenon of heaven and earth nature and all things in universe. Jyoudan stance is a upper stance for fierce fight which burn out every things with burning flame and that is called stance of fire and stance of heaven. Chudan stance is foundation of all stance and that enable sword man to flow freely as water and change flexibly and that is called stance of water and stance of human. Gedan stance is a lower defense stance which do not sway as earth that is called earth of stance and ground of stance.

Hassou stance is a stance which sword man regard his sword as big tree and observe opponent’s movement before he set up strike and change how to attack respond to opponent’s movement. That is also considered to variation of both hand left side upper stance. That is called tree of stance and shadow of stance. Wakigamae is a stance which hold sword on side and strike flexibly as necessary and that is called gold of stance and sun of stance.

problems concerned with stance

Courting in beginning of the match with fulfill vital energy interlock the matching of mind and ki and power fighting with opponent and that connect to contents of first strike and capture the chance of the battle and strike at the risk of life and fulfilling one set match.

match mind and ki and power

Mind is a static side of mental activity and it work to perception and discretion and judgement. Ki is a dynamic side of mental activity and vital energy which can determine will according to judgement in mind. Power is motivation to strike which reach tip of sword that come from result of accumulating training kendo. Matching mind and ki and power is preparation which enable sword man to do effective strike immediately to match a series of movement that from perception and discretion and judgement, determine will to demonstrate technique.

Sword man concentrate on his ki and breath in seikatanden and in case ki and breath floated up, he should suppress them to aperture his left fist. Matching mind and ki and power mean whole his body function as eyes and mind and ki. In other words, that condition is considered to be stable preparation which is made by control mind and control breath and control body. To become this status, sword man become to be able to respond to opponent’s attack momently and capture the chance and do effective strike.