kendounoreihoutosahou (2)

books concerned with kendo

author: takenori baba

publisher: physic education and sports company

target reader who are recommended

sword man who desire to acquire courtesy about kendo


This book explain how to acquire courtesy in kendo


In kendo, seiza is adopted as how to sit down in training room. Seiza is special way of sitting in japan and which is passed down as way of sitting which has dignity. Seiza is consider to be a rational way of sitting which have less burden on sword man’s waist than any other way of sitting in physiologically and which effect mentally similar to zazen in psychologically.


Sword man should talk with fellows holding his eyes on the same level.


Instructor have to think about meaning of meditation. In usually meditation is adopted to part of courtesy. In fixed seal every thing are caught as view of world which have principles of Yin and young. For example ,male is yin and female is young. Right hand is yin and left hand is young. It is important to combine yin and young well balanced.

half eye

If sword man do meditation with his eyes half closed, he is easy to notice distortion of his body and inclination.


In kendo sword man is demanded to hold his breath and sharpen his sense so that he can receive feeling of oppression which is invisible and breathing and fighting spirits of opponent appear and read movement of eyes and intention of opponent’s sword tip.

blowing as sitting

Sword man should acquire the form of blowing as sitting.

behavior with sinai

To handle sinai itself is a training of manner. All the behavior such as carrying sword , wearing sword, pulling sword, storing sword, and clearing stance are kendo.

how to deal with sinai

Sword man should deal with bamboo sword similar to sword and wood sword. Sword man should not do behavior during training kendo whatever Japanese kendo form never do. To cherish sinai connect to cherish opponent. Learn the difference of the moods between wearing sword and carrying sword.

how to carry sinai

In outdoor, there are two ways of holding sinai, which is carrying sword and putting on his shoulder. In training hall, sword man should carrying sinai on side.

The position where sword man put sinai

Sword man should put sinai where he can easy to hold and disturb surroundings. When sword man is doing seiza, he should turn sword cutting edge into him. Sword man should not do with sinai what is not allowed with sword.

how to deal with kendo tool

Sword man should have mind to cherish kendo tool which sacrifice himself and to be protected by opponent’s attack. Kendo have a lot of tools and hard to deal with tools. But sword man should appreciate that element because he can develop courtesy and the mind to deal with things and cherish tools and dexterity to tie strings. Sword man should put kendo tool quietly and not to be hurt.