kendounoreihoutosahou (3)

books concerned with kendo

author: takenori baba

publisher: physic education and sports company

target reader who are recommended

sword man who desire to acquire courtesy about kendo


This book explain how to acquire courtesy in kendo

courtesy to the other party in the match

how to do behavior before the match

Sword man should do standing bow with sword carrying on side. To advance three step in match start and recede five step in match end is simply rational from view of walking habits. Sword man should do sonkyo as courtesy in kendo to become a man of noble character.

match the movement with opponent at first

The most important thing in japan kendo form is to match all movement each other as well as courtesy. Utitati and sitati have to cooperate with each other in each positions to abstain their selfish behavior and observe opponent’s movement neatly. Sword man should match the movement with opponent in training as with japan kendo form. Sword man should match the ki with opponent too.

how to do body blow

Sword man should do body blow with correct posture.
Sword man should not bump his head with opponent’s metal bars of his face guard.

In fighting with crossing sword

Sword man should not touch his sword tip on opponent’s breast in fighting with crossing sword.

courtesy in training kendo

  • Sword man should usually respect opponent.
  • Sword man should low his head when he apply opponent for training.
  • Sword man should put on men more fast than opponent.
  • Sword man should not keep opponent waiting.
  • Sword man should tell opponent to do upper stance when he do that in advance.
  • Sword man should not do gut pose in practice match.
  • Sword man should take care of opponent every times.

In case beginner or disciple apply master for training.

  • Sword man should set up strike opponent actively as well as he can.
  • Sword man should take a break after training with master.
  • Sword man should not challenge three point match with higher rank person.
  • Sword man should not make receiver do nothing.
  • Sword man should not undo men in training.

In case training with companion

  • Sword man should be conscious of which person should stand place of honor.
  • Sword man should signal to stop training whom apply for training.
  • Sword man should withdraw the match innocently when he lose.
  • Sword man should be absorbed in training.
  • Sword man should train kendo with full of fighting spirit.
  • Sword man should appreciate opponent’s effective hit each other.
  • Sword man should not appeal his effective hit in practice match.
  • Sword man should pay attention not to train for selfish satisfaction.