kendounoreihoutosahou (4)

books concerned with kendo

author: takenori baba

publisher: physic education and sports company

target reader who are recommended

sword man who desire to acquire courtesy about kendo


This book explain how to acquire courtesy in kendo

courtesy after finish training

  • Sword man should match his movement to surrounding fellows.
  • Sword man should undo men all together after he finished training.
  • Sword man should help master undo men with his feelings of gratitude.
  • Sword man should deal with kendo tool during doing seiza.
  • Sword man should do assembly neatly after he finished training.
  • Sword man should pay attention to surroundings until he left training room.

master kendo form

  • Sword man should acquire how to stack caller of training clothes and through the sleeves and put on kote and other kendo tools.
  • Sword man should learn the position of utitati and sitati in japan kendo form. he should do offence and defense and stance which deprive from Ying Yang five element theory in japan kendo form.
  • Sword man should not move to the behavior for purpose directly at first. For example, he should insert manners such as bow and put up bowl on the knee and turn the bowl before he drink tea when he was served tea in tea ceremony.
  • Sword man should comply the movement such as carrying sword, wearing sword, pulling sword, storing sword during training.

master kendo mind

  • Sword man should have wide field of view.
  • Sword man should acquire the mind of praying and shame and self denial and obligation and application.
  • Sword man should acquire how to put on kendo tool and bear his mind to wear them neatly every times.
  • Sword man should cherish kendo tool he usually use.
  • Sword man should cherish his nation and national flag.
  • Sword man should cherish his mind of shame and fair and square
  • Sword man should become polite and gentle person who can contribute to sociality.

courtesy for visitor

  • Visitors should not chat each other in training room.
  • Visitor should not yell and cheer sword man who are training.
  • Visitor should not smoking in training room.
  • Visitor should cooperate housekeeping and to prevent danger in training room as well as he can.
  • Visitor should pay attention not to bother surrounding people when he take a seat in tournament venue.

courtesy for referee

readiness for referees in common

  • Referee should acquire referee rules sufficiently.
  • Referee should judge effective hit equally for players.
  • Referee should not interrupt other referee’s movement.
  • Referee should be conscious of his responsibility as a referee.
  • Referee should keep distance from players who participate in tournament.

main referee

Main referee should call assistant referee when they need discussion.

assistant referee

  • Assistant referee should request main referee discussion when they need that and he should not instruct main referee.
  • Assistant referee should pay attention to other referee’s movement.
  • Assistant referee should pay due respect superior referee.