kendounoreihoutosahou (1)

books concerned with kendo

author: takenori baba

publisher: physic education and sports company

target reader who are recommended

sword man who desire to acquire courtesy about kendo


This book explain how to acquire courtesy in kendo

Japanese and kendo

significance of kendo

Kendo make sword man’s life wealthy and kendo have aroma which bless human race. The noble aroma which the martial arts have cultivated should be acquired to master courtesy for kendo as good tradition in japan and passed down to children who work hard to practice. Recently internationalizations progresses and international exchange become popular and characteristics as Japanese become more thin along with that. To acquire ethnicity as Japanese neatly, training kendo is meaningful. To train martial arts such as kendo, sword man can develop mind of diligence and education and endurance and sacrifice which are good characteristics as Japanese. It is important to train children to have pride as Japanese and polite and endure poverty and cherish stuff and regulate himself severely.

harmful of victory supreme principle

Because only training and fighting with opponent make kendo victory supreme principle, sword man should acquire courtesy for kendo to practice japan kendo form. To combine japan kendo form and training kendo as usual, should man can keep balance between victory supreme principle and courtesy.

significance of kendo hole

Kendo hole can be simply a training room to exercise or sacred place where sword man can develop his mind depend on how master reckon kendo hole. Home shrine have a role to make sacred atmosphere in kendo hole. Sword man can develop mind to cherish stuff and take care of fellows to cherish bamboo sword and do courtesy neatly every times in kendo hole. The position of kamiza and simoza where sword man sit deprive from Yin Yang five elements theory.

courtesy in kendo hole

  • Sword man should align footwear.
  • Sword man should do a bow toward home shrine in the beginning of training.
  • Sword man should do standing bow neatly when he go inside main hole and go outside there.
  • Sword man should do greeting to fellows neatly.
  • Sword man should hold bamboo sword bag in carrying sword style.

  • Sword man should always keep kendo hole clean and make atmosphere. He should have opportunity to develop his mind to clean and wipe kendo hole.
  • Sword man should maintain good posture in kendo hole.
  • Sword man should cherish kendo tool and bamboo sword.
  • Sword man should do warm up exercise all together.
  • Sword man should put bamboo sword bag and winter clothes in order.
  • Sword man should keep the rules of seating order.