kendouhamenippon third chapter (1)

books concerned with kendo

author: masao komorizono

publisher: physical education and sports company

target people who are recommended to read

sword man who desire to master neat and orthodox kendo


This book explain the way of thinking that acquire orthodox kendo which fits the sword.

third chapter fundamental movement

how to grasp fundamental movement

Fundamental movement is a principle of crash movement to lead effective hit eventually which include integrated management of stance and body movement and sinai movement.
Even if sword man took the best opportunity in the flowing of attacking each other, he can not lead effective hit unless his strike movement is correct and his blade muscle direct correct direction. Fundamental movement should not be simply fundamental movement for itself, that type of fundamental movement is demanded which can expand interpersonal skill. Sword man should continue training fundamental movement during examining and checking them comprehensively and integrally, and moreover he should train fundamental movement to expand width of contents gradually and improve quality.

cyuudan stance

Sword man should do cyuudan stance with fulfilling ki to set up strike whenever he take the chance. From the aspect of technique, sword man should have fitting of left hand grasp in his stance and preparation of posture in each parts of body to set up strike in integrated body and sinai.

preparation of legs

Preparation of both legs and the position of center of gravity is important to do foot movement freely while he stance cyuudan. Sword man should make inside of both legs parallel to leave about 10 meter space between toes of left leg and heels of right leg in all directions. And moreover he have to match perpendicular line of center of gravity in the center of both legs. Sword man can not move well in stable leg preparation and he can not fight with opponent in unstable leg preparation. It is important for sword man to develop internal sensation of leg preparation which have stable and unstable together.

preparation of left leg

In left leg preparation, sword man should step on floor board with the forward of arch, in short with the part of sole ball and left area of there. He should step on floor board while he does not loosen power of ankle and fall his heel turning outside slightly and stretch arch.
There are relationship between preparation of left heel and left knees and waist and seikatanden and neck and chin, and if one of the preparation was broken, other preparations would be broken along with them.

preparation of right leg

In right leg preparation, sword man should not put the center of gravity on right leg too much. To do smooth foot movement, it is important to master preparation of right leg
which float his heel lightly and sliding it on the floor broad.

preparation of lower limbs

Sword man should not stretch and loosen left heel and have tension slightly on back muscle. To do that he can move instantly when he get the chance. Sword man should master the sensation to relax the power of right knee and extend that momentary because right leg is an offence leg.

preparation of trunk

hip and waist

Waist is center of human body and also bottom part of upper body. Sword man can stabilize upper body to fix preparation of waist. Sword man should push hollow of both side of hip
toward pubis slightly to tighten hall of hip. To do that sword man can do fixed stance to lift up peeves. Moreover he should have tension in his back muscle of left leg properly.
Waist and seikatanden have a relationship of two side of same coin and to take solid stance he can fulfill ki into seikatanden. Sword man push his waist from back to forward and on the contrary he turn back his power of lower abdomen from forward to back. In short to tighten abdominal cavity lead fulfilling ki in seikatanden.

axilla and back and breast and shoulder

Sword man should tighten his axilla a little. To do that his back extend straightly and fall his shoulder and open his beast naturally. Moreover he can make his back muscle of arms and elbow alive and store ki and breath in seikatanden to tighten his axilla a little. Sword man’s back is extend as a result to take solid stance and tighten his axilla and open his beast.
Sword man should not put muscle into his shoulder. Sword man’s beast become to be opened naturally as a result to take a solid stance and tighten his axilla and extend his back and fall his shoulder.

preparation of head

Sword man should extend his neck and pull it slightly to back. To do that his chin is pulled and his head become to keep stable on his back bone straightly. It is better that there is a side line between his chin and throat as a guideline. It become reference to grasp sensation to expand his both earlobes. Sword man’s neck and chin have a relationship of two sides of both coin. and It have important works to maintain rational posture which cover overall cyudan stance and stike movement.

preparation of face

Sword man should not tie his lip too strong and not open mouth too much. Sword man can continue breath to touch his tongue tip on lower gums and expand his lip to sideway slightly and take a breath from lip thinly. Sword man can not move while he inhale a breath because he become vacant. The span he exhale a breath is actual and he can fulfill power in that time. He should master lip and tongue movement along with the way of breathing because they have close relationship.

preparation of upper limbs

Sword man should hold sinai with his little finger of left hand on just handle head at first and tight ring finger and middle finger in order which is like he hold chicken egg. He should make thumb and index finger of left hand grip sinai lightly. Moreover to match first middle finger joint of left hand thumb on the extension line of navel and put left fist toward for a fist range from lower abdomen and fix that while he aperture slightly. Sword man should make his right hand grasp sinai lightly as well as left hand.

Sword man should grasp sinai from above. If he grasp sinai from sideway, he can not set up strike smoothly. As a function of strike movement, he allocate his both hand power evenly and store fulfilling ki into seikatanden and attack opponent by left hand. The preparation of his wrist influence how to set up strike and how to strike opponent and techniques and changing movement of blade muscle. Sword man should extend his wrist and make his back of his hand and elbow flat.

To tight his axilla slightly and relax his shoulder, extra power of his wrist and elbow lose and they get closer to body side and the power of supraspinatus of wrist and elbow also lose. Sword man should make his bosom large and acquire the feeling like that he embrace round globe and daruma in it. Sword man should change the sensation that he grasp sinai by his hand into that he grasp sinai by his elbow despite he actually grasp sinai by hand.
Moreover he should develop the sensation that he grasp sinai by his trunk, that is to say he grasp sinai by his tripe and waist.