gorinnosyo fire roll (1)

books concerned with kendo

author: musasi miyamoto

target people who are recommended to read

  • sword man who desire to develop kendo skill
  • people who desire to be tough guy


This book consists of five rolls “earth roll” “water roll” “fire roll” “wind roll” “sky roll”.
Main paper are summarized to “earth roll” “water roll” “fire roll”. Earth roll explains style of classical Japanese swordsmanship involving use of two swords. Water roll explains self training to overcome enemy. Fire roll explains various tactics with battle. Wind roll mainly criticize other style. sky roll is added to this book for appearance.

how to take a place

The main point you should pay attention to discern quality of taking place is to do stance with sun in the back. In tatami room It is important for you to do stance with light in the back or on right side. You should do stance while you are not be jam up behind and have wide space on left side and jam on right side. You should keep in mind to stand with fire in the back and light on right side where enemies are visible in midnight. You should keep in mind to do stance in more higher place to look down enemies. You should regard kamiza high place in tatami room.

You should chase enemies to his left side when he chase enemies in battle. You should corner to rough place in anyway. You should have mind to chase enemies with alert unless you do not make enemies perceive situation of the place and do not make enemies shake his face in rough place. You should not make enemies perceive situation of the place when he corner enemies to threshold and lintel and door and shouji and edge and poll in tatami room. You should have mind to be superior to enemies to secure advantageous place so that he corner enemies to place where is bad floor board or have obstacle on side.

three ways to control the tip


“kennosen” is a type of control tip to set up opponent by himself. You should remain silent when you try to set up and you set up attack opponent with a little quickly and stronger movement and strengthen your mind which leave bottom in any ways. You should attack intensely to get closer beside opponent while you move a little quicker than usual. You should release his mind and have had heart to the core that you should strike opponent from at first until last time and defeat opponent.


“tainosen” in a type of control tip that is tip when opponent set up attack first. In “tainosen” you should pretend your self weak unless you are caring about that opponent set up attack to you and you should pretend to jump at opponent far from you strongly at once to fear opponent when opponent is coming to you and you attack opponent strongly right away when you see enemies relax. It is reason of “tainosen” that while you set up attack more strongly when opponent set up attack, opponent’s rhythm to set up attack change and you capture the chance and then he defeat opponent.


“taitainosen” is a type of control tip that you and opponent set up attack each other.
You should set up attack silently and strongly when opponent set up attack fast and when opponent get closer, you take a plunge and make sure of opponent’s gap and set up attack strongly. Also it is “taitainosen” that you float your body and set up attack a little fast when opponent set up attack silently and rubbing each other when opponent get closer and you defeat opponent strongly while he is following opponent’s color.

control the pillow

Control the pillow means that you do not make opponent raise his head. Control the pillow is the mind when you acquire real road and set up attack, you perceive whatever opponent think, you control the tip to control the first movement of opponent and make him do nothing after that. While you are stacking up techniques according to the way for everything and you control the tip when opponent try to set up attack and make that useless for everything and lead opponent around by the nose is the master of military art.