gorinnosyo fire roll (4)

books concerned with kendo

author: musasi miyamoto

target people who are recommended to read

  • sword man who desire to develop kendo skill
  • people who desire to be tough guy


This book consists of five rolls “earth roll” “water roll” “fire roll” “wind roll” “sky roll”.
Main paper are summarized to “earth roll” “water roll” “fire roll”. Earth roll explains style of classical Japanese swordsmanship involving use of two swords. Water roll explains self training to overcome enemy. Fire roll explains various tactics with battle. Wind roll mainly criticize other style. sky roll is added to this book for appearance.

To crush enemies

To crush is that is the mind, for example, in case you recognize enemies are weak and your power are strong, you try to crush enemies. In military art which people battle with a few enemies or many enemies, you have to have mind to find enemies’ weakness who become upset and knock down them completely with momentum from the beginning like that you crash enemies. If your power to crash enemies is weak, you have possibility to be launch counterattack by enemies.

change of mountains and seas

Change of mountains and seas is that while you are battling with enemies, you should not repeat same thing. It is no matter for you to do same thing twice, but you should not repeat three times. If you set up technique to enemies and your technique did not work well first time, it is meaningless to repeat one more time. If you set up completely different technique suddenly and that did not work well, you should set up more different technique.

To pull out bottom

To pull out bottom is that when you are battling with enemies, even if you are battling with enemies by your self with surface by reason of military art, enemies have hostility so that you did not defeat enemies by heart. In this situation, It is important for you that you change your mind and you extinct enemies’ heart and you defeat enemies by bottoms of heart. To pull out bottom have probability that is to pull out by your sword or by your body or by your heart. You should not leave your heart to enemies who were collapsed from bottom. In other case you should leave your heart. If you have heart which leave to enemies, enemies are hard to be collapsed.

To be renewed

To be renewed is the way that while you are battling with enemies, in case the game is tangled and it can not be helped, you change your mind and you have mind to start something new and you defeat enemies with that rhythm. To be renewed is that in anytime you creak enemies, you take a plunge to change your mind and defeat enemies.

To pay attention to things finely as head of mouse and act boldly in your chance as neck of cow

“sotougosyu” in Japanese mean that while you are battling with enemies, you should pay attention to keep that rule in case you and enemies compete with each other and are tangled. In the way of military art you should always keep “sotougosyu” in your mind and pay attention to fine thing and act boldly. In case you are in normal time, it is important for samurai to keep “sotougosyu” in your mind.

To know officers and men

To know officers and men is that in any battle, in case the condition become as you expect, you have wisdom of military art to use this rule. It is important for you to keep your mind not to make enemies free so that you should understand you can deal with your enemies as you like as if enemies are all in your control.

To release handle

There are various hearts to release your handle. There is a heart to defeat enemies without sword and also a heart not to defeat enemies with sword. There are various hearts so that I can not write down all of them.

about body of rock

Body of rock is that you master the way of military art and you become like a rock immediately and can not be hit and can not be move by everything.