gorinnosyo water roll(6)

books concerned with kendo

author: musasi miyamoto

target people who are recommended to read

  • sword man who desire to develop kendo skill
  • people who desire to be tough guy


This book consists of five rolls “earth roll” “water roll” “fire roll” “wind roll” “sky roll”.
Main paper are summarized to “earth roll” “water roll” “fire roll”. Earth roll explains style of classical Japanese swordsmanship involving use of two swords. Water roll explains self training to overcome enemy. Fire roll explains various tactics with battle. Wind roll mainly criticize other style. sky roll is added to this book for appearance.

gorinnosyo water roll

Heart of style of classical Japanese swordsmanship involving use of two swords is based on water. In advantage of military art it is important to think in perspective to know which I wrote down about one on one battle is as same as advantage ten thousand on ten thousand battle. You should know that what is contained in this book is what I wrote down for yourself and always put yourself in my place and think better to practice and find out advantage from the bottom of your heart not only look at and mimic.

about the rhythm of “katu” and “totu”

“katu” and “totu” is in any case if you set up strike opponent and push into opponent,
when opponent hit back at the same time you push up opponent from the below and strike him in return. In any case you should strike opponent that is called “katu” and push up opponent with “katu” and strike with “totu” in quick rhythm. This rhythm is the way you often encounter while you are usually fighting with opponent. The way of “katu” and “totu” is that you think you poke opponent with the heart that you raise opponent’s sword tip and then you push up opponent and at the same time strike opponent at once.

about tense and receive

Tense and receive is that in case you fight with opponent, when the rhythm does not match each other, you knock long sword that opponent set up strike and strike opponent. The mind to knock is not to knock so strong and not to receive. you respond to opponent’s sword he set up strike and knock the opponent’s sword and then you strike opponent which is more quickly than knock. It is important for you to control the tip to knock opponent’s sword and control the tip to strike opponent. If it have rhythm to knock opponent’s sword a little and the rhythm of your sword match that of opponent’s sword very well, even if however strong opponent strike you, your sword tip never drop.

about rank of many enemies

Rank of many enemies is that you fight with many people by alone. You pull out long sword and short sword and spread both sword to right side and left side and do stance. It is important to have mind to chase enemies to one direction even if enemies set up attack from four direction. You should distinguish before and after enemies set up attack and fight with enemies earlier who come before and in perspective you stand face to face enemies while you swing swords on right hand and on left hand each other at once when enemies set up strike. You should have mind that you hold both sword on both side earlier and cut in enemies strongly when enemies come out and push and collapse them and then he shake off enemies to original direction. However situation it is, you should have mind to chase enemies like fishing and when formation of enemies are disturbed and overlapped and then you do not pause and strike enemies strong immediately.

about advantage of fight with enemies

As the advantage of fighting with enemies, you understand the advantage to defeat enemies by using long sword in military art. You should understand the chance to win to practice very well. this is almost long sword that embody the truth way of military art.

about one strike

According to the mind of one strike that you can grasp the point that you can defeat enemies certainly. If you do not learn military art sufficiently, you can not understand it.
If you train this mind very well, military art become freely and you become to be able to defeat enemies to your heart content. you should train very well.

about the rank of direct communication

The mind of direct communication means to succeed to the truth way of style of classical Japanese swordsmanship involving use of two swords and pass on next generation. It is important to train very well and embody this military art.

water roll postscript

If you want to learn military art and the way to defeat enemies to hold long sword, it is necessary to know stance to five direction as fundamental technique. To learn the way of long sword and your body become freely and your mind work quickly and know the rhythm of the way and sharpen the way of handling sword by alone and work your body and leg to your heart content. Gradually you learn the advantage of the way and keep that in mind persistently and extinguish the mind to hurry and learn the virtue to touch by hand occasionally. You should fight with any people and know this mind and step the way of thousand miles step by step. To bear in mind to advance slowly and you should know it is role of samurai to act this military art.