gorinnosyo wind roll(1)

books concerned with kendo

author: musasi miyamoto

target people who are recommended to read

  • sword man who desire to develop kendo skill
  • people who desire to be tough guy


This book consists of five rolls “earth roll” “water roll” “fire roll” “wind roll” “sky roll”.
Main paper are summarized to “earth roll” “water roll” “fire roll”. Earth roll explains style of classical Japanese swordsmanship involving use of two swords. Water roll explains self training to overcome enemy. Fire roll explains various tactics with battle. Wind roll mainly criticize other style. sky roll is added to this book for appearance.

gorinnosyo wind roll

I have bear military art in mind to train swordsmanship all the way from young age until now and I became various hearts. When I visit other school, there is a man who dress up all mouth or another man who use cheap tricks and pretend himself great man. There is no solid heart. However I have trained my body and mind, the presence of these schools become cause of illness of swordsmanship and hard to disappear until future generations.
This is cause to become obsolete that the right way of military art do not come out. Solid way of swordsmanship is to battle with enemies and defeat them. This is never change. If you acquired the wisdom of my military art and do right thing, it is no doubt for you to win.
In military art, it is important to understand the way of other schools. I write down other military art schools in this roll as wind roll.

there is other school in which student deal with large long sword

In other school, there is samurai who prefer large long sword. But it is military art of weak man. Because that military art do not know reason that “to win in any case” so that he try to cut opponent from far place to utilize only length of long sword as strong point.

He prefer that type of long sword because he have that thought. If opponent is near position from you and battle with each other, it is hard for you to strike opponent to equip more longer sword and become rather useless because he can not be swing around freely.
It is said that big also serves as small from long ago so that it should not be hated to use recklessly long sword but it should be hated to have mind which bias only length. In my school it is hated to have narrow heart.

there is other school in which student swing long sword strongly

Long sword is not distinguished to strong long sword and weak long sword. Long sword which is swing with strong mind is rough and it is impossible for you to defeat enemies because only your long sword is rough. In case you try to cut opponent with unreasonable strong power that is called strong long sword, you never cut opponent very well. You should not think to cut opponent strongly in trial cut. Because long sword that swing strongly is not good. You have to have reason to win things. In may military art you can acquire mind to win in any ways to utilize wisdom of military art unless you perform unreasonable thing at all.

there is other school in which student deal with short sword

It is not solid way to think to defeat enemies only by short sword. There are samurais who have strong power in the world and there are cases that they can deal with large long sword lightly and do not prefer short sword. Because that type of samurai hold spear or halberd to utilize advantage of length. The mind that you hold short sword and try to jump into or catch enemies as if to fill the niche of the long sword which enemies is swinging is biased and bad. To target the gap is not good because you become turn behind enemies all things and be tangled. Even if you want to cut off many enemies and jump around freely , you become to be all defensive with short sword so that you are get mixed into them and it is not certain road.

If you want to do that, you should concentrate on make your body strongly and straighten and chase enemies and make enemies jump and upset and defeat them certainly. In case you learn military art in the world, If you stick to normal, receive, change , go though ,drive, your technique become cheap tricks and turn behind enemies. If you acquire the way of military art straightly and rightly, you can chase enemies with right reason and make people follow you.

there is other school in which student deal with a lot of type of sword.

In other school there is samurai who feature to pass down the way of dealing with a lot of types of long sword and that impress beginners. In military art it is to be hated. Because you are puzzled in many way if they are a lot of types to cut enemies. You should keep in mind to straighten your dress and mind and make enemies mind distorted and take advantage enemies mind twisted and defeat them.