gorinnosyo wind roll(2)

books concerned with kendo

author: musasi miyamoto

target people who are recommended to read

  • sword man who desire to develop kendo skill
  • people who desire to be tough guy


This book consists of five rolls “earth roll” “water roll” “fire roll” “wind roll” “sky roll”. Main paper are summarized to “earth roll” “water roll” “fire roll”. Earth roll explains style of classical Japanese swordsmanship involving use of two swords. Water roll explains self training to overcome enemy. Fire roll explains various tactics with battle. Wind roll mainly criticize other style. sky roll is added to this book for appearance.

gorinnosyo wind roll

I have bear military art in mind to train swordsmanship all the way from young age until now and I became various hearts. When I visit other school, there is a man who dress up all mouth or another man who use cheap tricks and pretend himself great man. There is no solid heart. However I have trained my body and mind, the presence of these schools become cause of illness of swordsmanship and hard to disappear until future generations.
This is cause to become obsolete that the right way of military art do not come out. Solid way of swordsmanship is to battle with enemies and defeat them. This is never change. If you acquired the wisdom of my military art and do right thing, it is no doubt for you to win.
In military art, it is important to understand the way of other schools. I write down other military art schools in this roll as wind roll.

there is other school in which student put weight on stance in appearance

It is wrong to devote to holding long sword. It is when there is no enemies that when there is no stance in the world. Because from long time ago until now the way of match that is decided in law or example does not exist. Samurai had better aim at opponent’s weak point. Stance of things is that samurai have solid heart. Samurai should bear in mind to control the tip in the way of match in military art.

In the way of match in military art, the stance that samurai move opponent’s stance and shake opponent’s mind or make opponent be upset and angry and threaten and take advantage of the rhythm that opponent get puzzled and defeat him. In military art which people battle with many people, It is important for battle to grasp number of enemies which is many or few and make sure of the condition of the battle field and grasp number of our fellows member and know that strong point and determine the number and begin battle.

there is other school in which student keep eye on specific part

How to keep eye in each schools have types that one is that samurai keep eye on opponent’s long sword and another is that samurai keep eye on opponent’s hand.
There are other types that one is that samurai keep eye on opponent’s body and another is that samurai keep on opponent’s foot. Thus samurai keep eye on only one place lead confused mind and cause illness of military art. In the way of military art, If samurai grew accustomed to battle with opponent and learn the light and heavy of human’s mind and became to be able to do the way so that samurai can look at whole opponent’s movement which include far and close and slow and fast of long sword movement. How to keep eye is usually to keep eye on the human mind. In military art which people battle with many people, samurai usually keep eye on the enemies’ mind to each number of enemies.

There are two types of the way of look at things. One is “kannome” in Japanese that means samurai observe opponent’s mind strongly and decide next action of the battle in perspective to observe the condition of there place. and it is important that samurai observe the strong and weak point and defeat opponent certainly.

there is other school in which student perform special foot movement

In how to do foot movement, there are “float foot” “jump foot” “leap foot” “step on foot” “crows foot” and so on and in various ways samurai would step foot quickly. But In my military art, their ways are bad ways. The reason I hate “float foot” is that samurai always have to step his foot firmly and certainly in the battle. The reason I hate “jump foot” is that in jump foot samurai’s next movement is fixed at the moment he try to jump. Leap foot does not work if samurai have mind to leap. In my military art, foot movement never change. it is like samurai always walk the same way.

In case samurai hurry along with rhythm of opponent, he should acquire how to keep his body while opponent is silent and keep usual of foot not hurry too much and not too little.
In military art which people battle with many people, it is important to send foot. Because If samurai do not understand enemies’ mind and set up fast recklessly, he mistake the rhythm and become hard to win. Moreover, if samurai set up foot movement too late, he overlook opponent become to be upset and unable to defeat opponent and become not to make the match quickly.

there is military art of other school samurai move long sword too quickly

In military art, it is not solid way to move long sword quickly. To move sword quickly, samurai can not match the rhythm of things and sword movement become too fast and too late. If samurai improved this way, samurai become not to be considered he move quick.

What good person perform is look like he perform slowly and do not break rhythm.
Especially in the way of military art, it is not good to move quickly. According to the place there are swamp or marsh so that samurai can not stabilize his foot and can not move quickly. Moreover samurai can not cut enemies by long sword. If samurai want to cut quickly, he can not perform like fan and short sword and even if he cut enemies by cheep technique, he can not cut enemies at all. It is just right for samurai to have mind to press down pillows.

there is other school in which military art is distinguished to surface and inner part

The way of teaching in my military art, the people who learn the way for the first time learn the technique which is easy to understand and make him progress the understanding.
The point beginner can not reach the mind is taught deep point after understanding of his mind developed sequentially. But usually even if samurai learned that thing, if he do not experience to battle with opponent, he can not reach inner part.

In the way of anything there is condition that inner part is useful and there is also condition that surface is useful. In the reason of battle, Is there meaning to seal something or reveal something?. In case I pass on the way of military art, I do not prefer written oath and penalty letter. It is the way of teaching in my military art that I ask the wisdom of the people who learn the way and teach straight way and make him dispose of the bad point of five or six way of military art and he get into the solid way of law of samurai by himself and lose doubtful heart.