books concerned with kendo

author: issyou fujita

publisher: kadokawa library

target reader who are recommended

sword man or ordinally people who desire to acquire how to do zazen and want to know purpose and effect to do zazen


this book explain how to do zazen and purpose and effect to do zazen

meanings and purpose of zazen

zazen is not learning zen

To continue doing zazen every day, performer can develop the ability to relax while he is resting in his room with the most refined method. performer appear by himself as it is to do zazen simply. To do zazen, performer can feel satisfied while on the other hand he is not satisfied and feel relieved while on the other hand he is not relieved. It is important for performer to do zazen freshly as if he do zazen for the first time. In zazen it is natural for performer to remind the thought of justice and evil, but the thought itself do not occur because of that performer wanted to remind. So what performer should do is he keep what was occurred and disappeared to do zazen naturally as it is unless he add something artificially or follow the floated thought or try to sweep off the thought.

Zazen is not to control himself to do the predefined way which have purpose. Zazen is to take off the control of egoism. When performer is sitting as it is, the statue is his real nature and that is always flowing while it is changing all the time unless that is fixed as solid thing. The integrated his body and mind is not to connected two things closely each other, but it become one thing like that his heart is his body and his body is also his heart.

zazen of normal style

The type of zazen which continue sitting simply is not separated to class and level corresponding to skill level. To do zazen, usually performer is released his leg and he entrust his waist and stomach to his bone and muscle and internal organs and sit naturally and recklessly. To sit relax, he should make his hip joint soft. the posture to take a solid stance is already prepared completely since performer is fetus. Dropping off performer’s body and mind, in short, performer drop off adhered body and mind from hour to hour that is to sit simply and that develop flexible mind.

the statue that upper body is empty and under body is solid

When performer is doing zazen, he can feel fulfilling ki in seikatanden where is wide circular area under navel and above crouch and the sense is released from there and integrate whole body as one unity. more upper part the sense is released, more lighten gradually that become and performer feel like there is big space opened in that area.

whole body is united

It is important for performer to perceive the statue of inner body which is introspected by inner sensitivity. It is necessary that to adjust body is connected to adjust breath and adjust mind directory. Ideal posture while performer is doing zazen is that his weight of body is not biased to all direction and do not lean and moderate and completely neutral posture. The approach to adjust body is not the adjust body which performer try to adjust for himself, but that he entrust natural work that is emerged from over his consciousness spontaneously. The posture that is produced from inner body autonomously is called initiated.