gendaizazenkougi (2)

books concerned with kendo

author: issyou fujita

publisher: kadokawa library

target reader who are recommended

sword man or ordinally people who desire to acquire how to do zazen and want to know purpose and effect


this book explain how to do zazen and purpose and effect to do zazen

attitude of zazen

Zazen is an activity which is performed by integrated mind and body and seek deeply the performance that sitting simply itself. In zazen, process is same to result and training is same to enlightenment. To do zazen is that performer aim at right sitting phase adjusting his bone and muscle while he is awake lively unless he fall asleep or he is thinking something and entrust all him the posture.

Zazen is to open introverted himself who is managing in small and limiting world that is in personal consciousness to outside and to wake up and notice that performer as such before was connected to the world from the beginning. Our experiences is consist of the combination of six roots and six reception and six perception and the mind express thought and image. Performer receive all what is appear in mind area evenly and passively and softly.

To do zazen is that the root is stretched on earth tightly and nourishment get into performers body from there. While performer is doing zazen, performer should sit confidently and clearly unless he hide anything. The concentration of zazen have to be that is opened concentration which concentrate on everything and do not have focus. While performer continue doing zazen, gradually he become the sensation that he do not have enemies. While performer continue doing zazen, the fluctuation of body axis is continue the tiny fluctuation movement like that swing movement which show spinning top, but it is spontaneous movement which keep the relationship that balance with gravity properly and to refine that.

While performer continue doing zazen, he penetrate the immovable attitude consciously.
For example, it is stove which store the fire which try to burn up in there and control fire very well. Immovability of zazen store dynamic in that. stability of zazen is dynamic.

adjust body

To adjust perfect whole body, performer should put effort to acquire the grammar of body that is physical law of synchronous relation and interlocking that if how he move some part of body, that effect where and how and what part is interlocking to what part. Performer should loosen his body very well. While performer is adjusting his body, he adjust whole the body by automatic adjust function of the body.

adjust breath

While performer is improving his zazen, his mind harmony body and loosen the extra tense of his muscle and realize the relax status from deep point, after that by the auto adjust function of his body the movement of rib cage and diaphragm when he breath become smooth and he can breath spontaneously by his body. Immovability of zazen is that is generous and rich flexibly and elasticity that contain pulsation very much in them and establish while he is breathing lively.

adjust mind

While performer is doing zazen, he develop sensitivity spontaneously to adjust body and a breath, and the percentage and opportunity that he perceive thus the tiny spontaneous movement which always exist increase drastically despite he can not perceive on condition that your body and mind is perplexed and rough. While performer continue doing zazen, when he get angry the center of gravity drop to under stomach spontaneously so that he become to have allowance that anger is not so matter. It is the what zazen should be in Buddhism that is a big tree standing confidently and silently accepting the coming bard delightfully.

the integrated body and mind

To do normal zazen in the integrated body and mind is over the condition that consciousness which try to control body and mind is quarreling with them and revive the integrity that is exist originally to harmony body and mind and settle down natural status with integrated body and mind.