gendaizazenkougi (3)

books concerned with kendo

author: issyou fujita

publisher: kadokawa library

target reader who are recommended

sword man or ordinally people who desire to acquire how to do zazen and want to know purpose to do zazen and effect


this book explain how to do zazen and purpose to do zazen and effect to do zazen

the posture of normal type zazen

how to adjust posture

Performer should make his body not lean to all direction and his center axis correspond to direction of gravity. From the view of sideway and also front, performer should keep his head part and body part straighten and aligned position. When performers head and neck and body are connected with right relationship, his head is put on his body with good balance so that his muscle surrounding his neck is released from extra and unnecessary tension.

To do so performer’s body axis do not bend between his head and body so that his body axis is united as straight and relaxed line in whole sitting phase. To be tighten waist means the statue that if performer put in cushion under ischium, his waist is tighten by itself.
At first performer squeeze his body into pattern recklessly but once he acquired the physical sensation which is principal of body and then he can make form. Performer should stand up his pelvis tightly. In sitting position, how performer’s weight is dropped on this ischium is most important point. That decide the lean of whole pelvis and that influence the shape of upper body which put on his pelvis and balance of whole body.

To make stable

The statue that have just balance is called nothingness and zazen express the status that plus and minus and put effort and relax are just balanced and offset and reach zero.
To acquire the posture of zazen, performer learn the relationship which is not cold and fight against gravity but close relationship to gravity that unite the sitting phase and sustain and heal his body and mind

rituzen training

To do rituzen training, performer’s vertical axis become easy to stand up so that after performer do rituzen and acquire the sensation ,the accuracy of his posture get high to do zazen. Performer become the statue that his upper body and under body is connected tightly. Performer become to be able to keep center of gravity on certain point while he is moving, so that he can make stability which have flexibility to move to anywhere.

breath and posture

Breath also sustain his posture. When performer’s breath get into his body, his inner pressure high up and his whole body expand as a balloon. When his breath is got out, his body return to original shape by elasticity of whole his body. The expand and shrinking movement in this breath is helpful to keep this posture. It is necessary to reveal that how zazen influence internal organ scientifically. The breath of zazen raise a problem that how performer interact with air surrounding closely.

eye and ear and posture

There are the way to utilize eye and ear which work to sustain and adjust his posture. performer should not be acquisitive to watch more and listen more and before he do extra effort, he should settle down what is already visible and audible and do not concentrate deep interest on specific things in either look field and listen field and he should perceive all things in look field and listen field evenly and softly. The place where performer receive the information is that in visual case there is visual field in his brain which contents the information of back head part and in sensation of hearing case there is auditory area which is above the both ear a little.