Introduction of japanese manga

genre: sports comedy(kendo)

writer: masahiro tutizuka

magazine: young gungun

release date: 2004/12/17~2010/9/17


This contents is set on muroto high school kendo club and descripted that kendo club members which consist of many girls are spending the daily life peacefully and are going to the goal. Kouji isida who is kendo club Advisor in Muroto high school have spent poor life like that he had to worry with daily meal due to payment of car lone. One day he was applied for girl members external match by kensaburou isibasi who is senior of kouji in high school age and he is high school kendo club advisor now on the condition that winner of the match would treated susi.

tamaki’s kendo

Koji isida accepted that good condition immediately but almost muroe high school kendo club members were already retired for collage entrance examination or became ghost members so that actually real member who can play kendo is club director kirino ciba only and run short of members to do five members group practice match. Kouji tried to gather members who participate in the match except for kirino since next day. At same time a very skilled girl who can handle bamboo broom very well appeared in front of him. Kouji try to make the girl student join kendo club anyway.

main character

muroto high school

kouji isida

kouji isida

Kouji isida is a main character in this contents and he belong to muroe high school and works as kendo club advisor.He is twenty five old when this story began. After he graduated university, he got a job as a part time teacher in private muroe high school. He usually teaches political economy as subject in charge. He is irresponsible person and usually looks like careless, but he is popular among student and sense the worries which student have very well so he looks like good teacher occasionally. His car lone oppress the household budget so that he is poor and he is often gaven the part of lunch by his students. So he is given disgraceful nickname that is called “zanpanman”. “zanpanman” means the man who eat leftover food which other people leaves.

He begin to tackle solicitation to make students join kendo club and reinforcement so as to win practice match against matido high school. After he made trouble with parent of member who belong to opponent high school, he decided to resign muroe high school at the end of the year with will of his own for the growth of himself and kendo club members. He have been playing kendo since he was junior high school student. When he was high school student, he defeated isibasi in syouryuuki tournament championship and won the match. In those days, he tried kendo and life as hard as he could ,But at the same time when he entered college, he quit playing kendo and became irresponsible.

When he competed with tamaki for the first time, he was not well trained and was defeated by her completely. So after that he refreshed his feeling and retrained himself again. As kendo club advisor, he did not teach kendo technique very well and rely kirino to operate kendo club and entrust tamaki to teach kendo technique. He often support kendo club members while he was given advice by someone. His parent’s home have run liquid store, but since a few years ago, the store changed to convenience store. He is reluctant to return parent’s home.

kirino ciba

kirino tiba

Her hair style is golden ponytail and when she is practicing kendo, tied up her hair with long ribbon. She became manager to take turn third grade student who retired for collage entrance examination. When she appeared in this story for the first time, she was second grade student and at that time she was only kendo club member. She is optimistic and good at adjusting atmosphere and Her action and thought often get along with kouji. She is always cheerful and mood maker for kendo club members. She is familiar with many people because of her personality and have many outer school friends. She always take care of kendo club members very well. But she tend to lack concentration in the match.

Her grade is excellent relatively. She successes to induce tamaki and satori to join kendo club. She also demand kouji to behave as advisor. She have played kendo for long time and love kendo from bottom of heart. Her parents run side dish shop and handmade side dish sold in the shop are popular among kendo club members. She have two brothers. There are a lot of animal plush doll in Her private room and she love Japanese tea and There are teapots and bowls and private duvet in kendo dojyo. She mainly participate in tournament championship as hukusyo.

tamaki kawazoe

tamaki kawazoe

Her hair style is straight and short. Her image color is red. She is ace and symbol for kendo club members. She is a daughter of master kawazoe who run kawazoe kendo dojyo and very skilled player but she did not belong to kendo club for the first time and have practiced kendo in her home kendo dojyo. She is induced to join kendo club by kouji and decided to join them. She have great speed and techniques and ability to make sure of when opponent set up strike despite of her young grade, and her ability surpass adult man kendo athlete, but she strike tuki so sharply and the momentum is too intense that she can not control her power. So she is not permitted to strike tuki against girl player.

When she confront with upper stance player, she remind of her mother who was good at upper stance and already dead so that she become not to be able to demonstrate his ability very well. She is honest and gentle girl but is fundamentally ignorant of real world. She is very silent except for hobby topics and quiet and have little emotion up and down and her facial expression do not change very well. She has a little worries about that she can not respond to lively fellows and say something fun and make them laugh. But she always interact with kendo club members and experienced a lot of part time job so that her facial expression became rich more and more. Moreover her spiritual growth which come from their experience connect to more advance of her kendo skill as a result.

Her hobby is appreciation of special effect and anime and once she begin to talk about her hobby, she shift from usually silent to talk able and become hard to stop talking. Her favorite contents is “cyoukensentai blade braver” and that influence her kendo style. She do not have likes and dislikes of food. She is assigned to taisyou.