rurounikensin 1

Introduction of japanese manga

release date: 1994 ~1999

magazine: weekly boy jump

writer: nobuhiro watuki


This contents is located in japan in early years of meiji era. And the story itself is original but it tangle with historical fact and real person, for example, sekihoutai, sinsengumi,kioizakanohen(tosimiti ookubo assassination case 1878/5/14). Main character kensin himura is a legend samurai who was feared as “hitokiri(the man who cut human body and kill him)”in late edo period. Kensin swear that he would not murder someone after Meiji restoration and went to journey to all japan as wandering people. And through the encounter with kaoru kamiya and the battle with rivals who survived in same turbulence age, he is seeking the answer of compensation and way of life in new age.

hajime saitou

This contents is separated into three periods. Tokyo period is early stage of story and kensin meet kaoru and yahiko and sanosuke. Kyoto period is the story that kensin stop capsizing meiji government that makoto sisio who grudge against meiji government plot by armed force. Death penalty period is the story that In late edo period when kensin handle sword as “hitokiri” kensin battle with six fellows who gathered to revenge battousai and the boss is enisi yukisiro whom his sister tomoe yukisiro was killed by kensin.

main character

kensin himura

kensin himura

He is short and thin body and gentle man who have red hair and crossed wound on left cheek. He is the man who has cheerful atmosphere in appearance and looks like stupid, and once he was restoration samurai of chosyu faction and called legend hitokiri “himura battousai”. At that time kensin murdered a lot of main person who are supporters of the shogun by murder sword but after the chance one incident occurred, he began to hesitate to murder human, and he swear that he would not kill someone after meiji restoration and he become wondering man and went to journey to all japan.

He met new partner whose name is kaoru kamiya and some other fellows and after that he battled with rivals and he is seeking the answer of compensation and way of life in new era. He usually keep in his mind not to battle with anyone but on the situation he has to battle with someone, he defeat enemies in great numbers at once by using reverse blade sword and demonstrating divine work. He is usually gentle but when he is battling with someone, his expression shift to cruel and warlike. His age is 29 but he looks like more younger .The crossed wound on his left cheek is that one of them is that is marked when he plotted murder and the other of them is marked when he cut and killed tomoe yukisiro who was kensin’s fiancee by misunderstanding.

kaoru kamiya

kaoru kamiya

She is master proxy of kamiya kassin school doujyo and she has beautiful figure and skilled sword technique so that she is called “swordsmanship belle. She is active and has strong sense of justice but therefore she is easy to be angry. She have experienced fighting scene which risk her life and has great sword skill certainly but she is not good at domestic affairs except for repairs. Especially she self proclaimed that she is good at cooking but she does not have good reputation by surroundings.

She has bad drinking habit and if she got drunk badly, she become violent whom kensin or anyone else can not stop her. She saw the attitude that kensin determined to complete the life of battle so that she came to think that she desire to stay with him and support him forever. Finally she married with kensin and gave a birth.

yahiko myoujin

yahiko myoujjin

He is a boy who is samurai of tokyo fu and he has petite physique. By the confusion of meji restoration, he become orphan. His parents already dead when he was child. He was hired by Japanese mafia and worked as pickpocket but after he met kensin, he broke off the relationship. He learned kamiya kassinnryu school sword technique and has battled with enemies along with kensin, he gradually demonstrate spirits and physical ability and sword talent which is away from ordinally people despite of his youth and grew up.

He was made to become disciple of kamiya doujyou by measure of kensin. At first he has quarreled with kaoru continuously but gradually he became to tackle practice eagerly. He has high pride and seriously mind and hate that he is treated as a child. He always comment to elder person regardless of enemy and ally unless he become to be feared. So surroundings regard him saucy. He desire to be one person very well and therefore he do not dislike any bloody effort to become one person and he has brave to stand up opponent who is stronger than him to protect weak man.

He have negotiated with saitou directly and his brave and courage is evaluated by surroundings. He has good talent about pickpocket and that helped crisis of allies. He is cleverly that he hide himself beneath the building for long time. After he grew up he became master of kamiya kassin school and he passed on kensin’s reverse blade sword and his belief “do not kill” and sanosuke’s way of life “evil only word”.

sanosuke sagara

sanosuke sagara

He prides in strong physical which have superhuman power and striking strength and he is top of all fighter of Tokyo who fight with hand- held empty fist and giant sword which is called “zanbatou”. In the end of Edo period he have acted as a member of “sekihoutai” and he fought with kensin himura who was belong to meiji government which was given stigma as reverse tribe because of self-protection but he lost. After then he fell in love with kensin’s personality and become to deeply involved with the story as reliable fellow.

He is tall and has thin physique and reversed hair style that is called” chicken head” but he pride in that. He insert a character “evil” on his cloth on his back that is called “evil one word”. He is a impulsive and hot blooded and reliable man and he has good mood so that there are a lot of brother who long for his personality. He is single minded man and easy to be ridiculed by other people but he has coolness together that he can insight other people’s action. He also has clever side that he check up opponent before he battle with him.