vagabond 1

Introduction of japanese manga

writer: hideharu yosikawa

drawer: takehiko inoue

publisher: koudansya

magazine: weekly morning

release date: 1998~2015


バガボンド(23) (モーニングKC) [ 井上雄彦 ]
価格:869円(税込、送料無料) (2021/10/9時点)



The main character of this contents is great samurai musasi miyamoto and drew adolescent which is set in from end of civil war era, turning point of edo era, to end of sword age. This content drew that in the big turning point of history, musasi who was destroyed the dream of advancement in life struggle to establish himself as samurai and the other martial artists who concerned with musasi, the first is kojirousasaki who is famous for that he dueled with musasi in ganryu island. The original of this contents is novels which were written by eiji yosikawa, but the characters and stories of this contents were arranged by takehiko inoue largely, for example, real sister of musasi was not drew and kojirou sasaki is deaf. The title of this contents “vagabond” means wanderer, or vagrant.

First chapter musasi miyamoto series

In 1600, musasi sinmen was induced by his childhood friend matahati honinden and desired advancement in life and left hometown but he lost in the battle of sekigahara. The circumstance of musasi in his childhood lacked with affection so that he was about to lose the meaning of life at that life. But he was recognized the presence by takuan and he determined to stand up with the way of sword and renamed musasi miyamoto and aimed at peerless and went to journey while he is wandering.

musasi miyamoto

When he was 21 old, he visited yosioka doujyou which was located in Kyoto and applied seijyuurou yosioka for battle. After he left kyouto, he met takuan again and was induced by him to go to yagyu but he rejected and he went ahead to houzouin where is sacred place of spear in Nara. But after he was overwhelmed by spear skill of insyun who is houzouin second successor and he run away at once. After then he realized that he is powerless. After then he was cared by inei who is houzouin predecessor and became disciple of him and trained hard and challenged insyun again.

He has trained hard and got over the weakness of spirit so that he defeated insyun with a single sweet of paper. After he cared insyun’s wounds, he promised insyun to meat again and left houzouin. After that he went ahead to yagyu. In there he competed with sikoutei yagyu and sekisyuusai yagyu. After he left yagyu, he challenged baiken sisido who is living in unrinin village. After the fierce battle he defeated baiken.

Second chapter koziro sasaki series

kojirou sasaki

This period date back to 17 year before from the battle of sekigahara. Kojirou sasaki who was baby and picked up by before great samurai jisai kanemaki along with long sword who lost spirit power to live at the corner of etizen and is living in there. Kojirou sasaki who is deaf and can not speak any word make a bond with people by only sword and run up road to the strongest . Musasi and denpatirou who were young age appear.

Third chapter world champion series

The location shift to Kyoto from end of 1604 to new year 1605 when musasi and matahati and kojirou everyone 22 year old. The three people met with each other and the story began to move. Musasi challenged seijyuurou and densitirou brothers whom he challenged them before and defeated them after death battle. As the result, he made yosioka school party turn to the enemies and defeated yosioka school party’s 70members who tried to revenge him.

After he got injured his right leg at the battle, after he thought though very well and he determined to stop killing and went back to vagabond. At the village of destination, he met boy iori and became to live with him. A disaster occurred at the village and become poor crop and the rice field which musasi cultivated became useless and became food shortage and caused deaths. Musasi went to ogawa family to get food and at there he became master and he survived. After he got over the crisis, he grew up strong and went ahead to kokura along with iori.

Main character

musasi miyamoto

musasi miyamoto

He is a son of munisai sinmen. First name is musasi sinmen. When he was young, he was grew up under parents who lack affection. His physique and arm power are outstanding and he is hot blooded and did unprecedented behavior so that he was treated as suspicious character and spent lonely days. But he has opened his mind to otuu and matahati and some members. He put on poor clothes and wood sword from sekigahara to houzouin, At houzouin he was gifted clothes and sword and short sword by inei.

When he was 13 year old, he accepted the application of duel with villager and killed him by surprise attack and after then he became disliked by surroundings and became more lonely. When he was 17 year old, He departure for the front to the battle of sekigahara as west army but lost. He killed many people who broke barrier and chase him at the time of returning from battle field to miyamoto village. After that he was caught by takuan. but he was helped his life and renamed musasi miyamoto and aimed at peerless in the way of sword. He met with first class people and challenged the battle and grew up.