vagabond 2

Introduction of japanese manga

writer: hideharu yosikawa

drawer: takehiko inoue

publisher: koudansya

magazine: weekly morning

release date: 1998~2015


バガボンド(23) (モーニングKC) [ 井上雄彦 ]
価格:869円(税込、送料無料) (2021/10/9時点)

Main character continuation

kojirou sasaki

kojirou sasaki

He is disciple of jisai kanemaki and son of sayasu sasaki. He is also founder of “gan” school. When he was a baby, he run away from fallen castle along with a few valets following the river and he was grew by jisai kanemaki where he reached. He is deaf by nature and tall and has baby face and sharp eyes. He also is fond of woman. He grew up around the sea in contrast to musasi.

He is good at swimming and He has good visual and tactile and He has ability to make sure of behavior of opponent and movement of blade muscle. He also has ability to detect opponent’s position from his tiny shaking. He is handling long sword since he was child. He became disciple of jisai kanemaki and ittousai itou and He hold up “gan” school for the purpose that he can summon strong man and train himself.

And then he met gonnosuke and musasi in sekigahara and He grew up through the battle with challenger and eastern army. After that He have experienced many battles around sekigahara and he grew up. He does not have desire for career advancement and he has settled down in motoami’s home for a while but after he battled with ienao ogawa and overwhelmed him, he was recommended swordsmanship guidance roll of kokura hosokawa’s home. Kojirou accepted that and went across to houzen from kyou.

matahati honinden

matahati honinden

He is childhood friend of musasi. He became shadow of musasi and kojirou and concerned with this story largely. He is not real son of osugi but child of his concubine. He likes musasi and associated with him. He induced musasi to gain fame with battle and he made musasi a chance to leave village. He was overwhelmingly strong at first but after that he has not battled with anyone very well so that gradually he became weaken. He gradually has overtaken by musasi who has built up his strength rapidly.

He accidently got apply catalog which originally might handed over kojirou so that he misapply them and went under false name “kojirou sasaki”. He is good at talking and smart but he can not last a long time. He pretends he is strong man and longs for hero. He is fond of woman and often buy spring. After he became to earn his money, he changed his hair style and began to put on latest clothes. After he left village, he concerned with musasi in any scene but in many cases he was not be noticed by musasi.

He learned to drink and buy woman in daily life and he ashamed that he deceived other people and he became conscious of his weakness. He has cowardly and human-like personality. After he met musasi who finished the battle with yosioka school party again and reform his mind and became to serve osugi and kojirou.

muneaki takuan


He is monk who has personal connections with various powerful people such as terumasa ikeda who is castle owner of himeji castle and sekisyuusai yagyuu. He is wandering all over countries. His job registration is monk so that he do not handle weapon but he is good at military art and he is very strong so that he can overwhelm ouhei tutikaze by courage. He is always caring musasi and he often preach him the way. He got acquainted with sekisyuusai by the introduction of munenori in sangenin. Moreover when he was child, he met young kojirou and taught him awfulness of sword to wound his arm by sword. He is fond of drinking and has sharp tongue. He has mistaken as a monk in the past time.


She is childhood friend of musasi and matahati and she is also beautiful girl they love her. She was picked up as foundling by osugi and drew up in temple and taken care of by her as fiance of matahati. She has very ingenuous personality and does not acquire courtesy, She is caring musasi who is spending lonely life and she loves him. She is beautiful girl and has cheerful personality so that everyone like her but because the promise between matahati and otuu was broken so that she is resented by osugi.

When musasi left village, ottu requested him to accompany with her but she was rejected. She became not to be able to keep the promise that she marry matahati and she became awkward to exist in village so that she left there and she became to be looked after by yagyu family because takuan recommended that. She support sekisyuusai’s mind as attendant so that she became to be adored by yagyu family. after that she met musasi again and she left yagyu family and began to follow musasi along with jyoutarou again.

Under yagyu family she was taught martial art as self defense by sekisyusai directory and she was gifted short sword which is carved a crest of yagyu umbrella. Today she does not talk to musasi even if she find him and she watch over him.