vagabond 3

Introduction of japanese manga

drawer: takehiko inoue

publisher: koudansya

magazine: weekly morning

release date: 1998~2015


バガボンド(23) (モーニングKC) [ 井上雄彦 ]
価格:869円(税込、送料無料) (2021/10/9時点)

Main character continuation

sinkage school

kamiizumi isemori hidetuna


He is a founder of sinkage school. He is the most great samurai in current generation everyone appreciate. He is also called that he is peerless. He rejected that singen takeda induced him to become Japanese feudal lord and he is always seeking the way of sword.He defeated young sekisyuusai and inei who tried to fight a duel in houzouin easily by overwhelming large caliber and he became master of the two people after that. He was already dead. He has the thought of no sword that if you mastered the way of sword, you should not draw a sword.

yagyu sinkage school

sekisyusai yagyu

yagyu sekisyusai

His real name is yagyu tajimanokami muneyosi. His popular name is sword sacred .He is seeking the sword skill even now even if he is praised peerless by surroundings . He is spending remaining time passing his sword skill on hyougonosuke because he consider that he is sicky and his remaining years is limited. He is severe man but he also have innocence and playfulness so that he show sweet face to grandchild. He welcomed otuu who left village once delightedly. He hate to lose. He fought duel with young isemori and his nephew toyogorou hikita and lost completely. He became disciple of isemori and inherited thought of no sword. He is one of musasi’s mind master.

hyougonosuke yagyu

yagyu hyougonosuke

He is successor of sinkage school. He is sekisyuusai’s grandchild who is especially loved by him. He is similar to sekisyusai in terms of sword skill. He rejected that a few Japanese feudal lord induced him to become samurai’s service and went to journey to warrior training. He feels that musasi is similar to him. Sekisyuusai also made a mistake about two people. When he met musasi second time, he appreciate strength of musasi.

kanemaki school

jisai kanemaki

jisai kanemaki

He is founder of kanemaki school. He is parents of kojirou. He opened doujyou as master of nakajyou school and he is told to be peerless in heyday. But he spent his life to master sword skill earnestly and was indifferent to people except for him. He lost son of yagorou itou and lost confidence and fighting spirits and he retired from the way of sword. He was regarded a stranger by surrounding people and has spent lonely days. He was given a letter by former disciple sayasu sasaki that he want jisai to take care of his son kojirou, but when he has been sitting on seaside for several days to try suicide, kojirou who is a baby riding on a small ship appeared and he helped kojirou desperately in rough waves.

and since then he drew up kojirou despite he frequently abandon upbringing and it became only reason to live. His sword word skill has not recovered for long times but when he did death battle with yuugessai hudou, he brought back fighting spirit for sake of helping kojirou and defeated him. At that time he injured his right arm and became useless. After that his sword skill recovered in some extent and he trained young kojirou every day and continue overwhelming him.

But he considered it is difficult for old man to train kojirou sufficiently so that finally he made a decision to make kojirou step the way of sword. He is not good at expressing his emotion and he come to front the feeling that he want to occupy kojirou. At first, he desire kojirou not to become like him who frustrated about sword skill and he made kojirou not to get involved with sword. But gradually he considered that he was entrusted to grew up kojirou as one person so that became to make kojirou step the way of sword which he desire.

ittousai itou

ittousai itou

He is a founder of one sword school. His first name is yagorou itou. His popular name is “god of sword”. He has the most strongest and fast sword skill and disciple of jisai kanemaki. He has learned sword skill for five years and defeated master. He is instigator who leads kojirou the way of sword and he played a roll as master of kojirou who is young brother disciple. He did not met with musasi but he was existence young musasi longs for. His personality is bold and peerless and he has absolutely confidence about his ability. He cherish that he enjoy swordsmanship.

Therefore he does not interested in the current battle style which use gun and he does not have desire to become samurai service and advancement. He is too strong that he feel unsatisfied about opponent. He desire to battle with more strong opponent than him. He can cut off gun which is made by steel by one swing and he can also overwhelm equities. Opponent can not close to him easily. He is also appreciated his ability by sekisyuusai yagyu. As soon as he received kojirou from jisai, he neglected kojirou in sekigahara and he fought duel with kojirou who survived and lost half of his hand. He fought duel with musasi at teahouse near native place of yagyu and at first he was knocked but he countered and defeated him.