vagabond 4

Introduction of japanese manga

writer: hideharu yosikawa

drawer: takehiko inoue

publisher: koudansya

magazine: weekly morning

release date: 1998~2015


バガボンド(23) (モーニングKC) [ 井上雄彦 ]
価格:869円(税込、送料無料) (2021/10/9時点)

Main character continuation

yosioka school

Yosioka school is top prestige school which has flourished from ancient times and has secret that “concentrate everything on one blade”. Seijyuurou yosioka is head of yosioka school. This school uses fame as a shield and dominating locally, moreover seijyuurou has bad habit to lead a dissipated life so that yosioka school is not very liked by resident. Musasi and yosioka have fought duel with each other for a long time because of challenging to seijyuurou and promise with dennsitirou and animus by apprentices.

seijyuurou yosioka

seijyuurou yosioka

He is an elderly son of yosioka kenpou and head of yosioka kenpou doujyou. He has small building and is handsome. Actually, he is the most strongest samurai in Kyoto and regarding to sword skill, he has natural talent which is called genius from childhood and he combines ruthless with sword skill as samurai. His small buildings seem not to be disadvantage and his swinging of sword is so quickly that ordinally people can not make sure of that.

According to will, he became head of yosioka family, but he has uninhibited character which follow his instinct. He is a playboy who is fond of drinking and buying woman. He often clouded his family and fame but behind his back yosioka family struggled to assassinate harmful people for them because they has to protect densitirou from dangerous. Seijyuurou is considered weaker than densitirou by surrounding people from his appearance. He assaulted musasi who is waiting duel with densitirou but after fierce fight, he was targeted the gap that was found when he was crawling and he was cut by musasi and dead. He liked akemi whom he acquainted with in Kyoto and frequently went to visit her.

densitirou yosioka

He is second son of yosioka kenpou. He is tall and has rough appearance and has severe and serious personality. He has a wife and child. He is simply passionate about swordsmanship as a son of military family but he has kind part who can not be ruthless. But seijuurou does not have that simple and honesty and that become factor that disciples longing for. He feels uncomfortable about that old brother who is playboy is head of yosioka doujyou but he longs for old brother from bottom of heart.

densitirou yosioka

At first he used yosioka name as shield and intimidated opponent but after he fought duel with kojirou sasaki, he acquired readiness and attitude to cut opponent. When musasi challenged yosioka doujyou for the first time, he battled with musasi evenly but because yosioka doujyou was about to be surrounded by frame so that he gave musasi a chance to battle again and made musasi run away. He fought duel with musasi in rengeouin again and he showed obsession to cut musasi until last time but he lost completely.

houzouin school spear skill

This is a school which founder is inei houzouin who is master of spear skill. A lot of monk got together to houzouin where is called sanctuary of spear which is located in kouhukujisiin in nara prefacture. Inei has already retired now and Insyun succeeded second generation of houzouin but there are not a few who object to insyun.

inei houzouin

inei houzouin

He is founder of houzouin school spear skill. Buddism name is “kakuzenbouinei”.He has broadminded personality and respected by any disciples. He is one of musasi’s mind master.
After he ceded his position in houzouin to insyun, his spear skill has not declined so that he overwhelmed musasi. The pickles which inei produce that is named “houzouinduke” is popular and is working hard to field work every days. He has became disciple of kamiizumiisemorihidetuna along with sekisyuusai yagyu in the past. He is Buddhist priest and has old body but he is fond of drinking. After sekisyuusai who was inei’s allies dead,
he closed his life like that he followed sekisyuusai.

insyun houzouin

He is second generation of houzouin school spear skill. His real name is “sinnosuke mituda”. He was a son of samurai who came to houzouin to learn spear skill under inei but his parent was killed by jobless person in front of him and then he was adopted into inei’s family.
At that time, his cruel memories was sealed and he has been involved with spear skill. He was gifted great talents about spear skill by nature.

insyun houzouin

When he was 15 years old, there were no enemies in his temple so that he climbed up to second generation of houzouin. But because of his genius, he does not have rivals around him so that his attitude against battle is somehow conceited and remains immature about spiritual. He noticed that disadvantage by himself and longs for deathfight but it became as if he takes away opponent’s life or not.

Therefore he was feared by surrounding people and he became solitude. Insyun has not been polished his mind so that inei planed to train musasi who challenged battle in houzouin and fight duel with insyun. In duel insyun overwhelmed musasi by his strength and defeated musasi once but in rematch he was overwhelmed by musasi who has been trained by inei and grew up greatly and he caught the gap of the moment and set up stab but musasi dodged that with a single sheet of paper.

At the same time, his past memories revived and when he became open to attack, he was given intense hit on his head by musasi and he knocked down. Musasi also became not to be able to battle with insyun by reason of bleeding and by judgement of inei who was witness, the battle became draw from twice match contents point of view. After duel, he survived miraculously. He compromised musasi and promised him to meet again later. After that, he succeeded to houzouin second generation formally.